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Juice Fast Diary
Posted by: satori108 ()
Date: March 26, 2009 08:01PM

I'm on day two of my juice fast. I am hoping to go for 14 days.

The night prior to my fast I tried to satisfy my cravings in a raw way so I would not crave these things on the fast. I had avocados, cabbage, mushrooms, and jicama all soul food seasoned. I drank senna tea that night.

Day 1- I do not have a juicer and can't really afford one soon. So, I blended green papaya and pear and added some cayenne. Then I strained it through a mesh bowl filter. I noticed a little bit of fiber. It settled to the bottom of my jug and I didn't drink it. I know that possibly some renegade fiber got through when I poured the juice out throughout the day. I probably drank a little. I'm hoping that that tiny bit of fiber doesn't put me into digestion mode. Anyone know if it will?

The juice tasted okay, although a made it a tad bit spicy and it made my ears feel like they were buring for a bit. Like a cartoon when they eat something hot and fire comes out. Lol.

I had some hunger pangs but not much. the only cravings I had was for fruit.

Day 2- I juiced plum, fresh aloe vera, and jicama. Jicama is nice as a solid raw, but ugh it tastes gross as a juice. I added it because I didn't want to waste food and thought it might take away the bitterness of the aloe. It did cover the aloe, but I'm not really feeling it.

I have to say that so far this is much better than master cleanse.

I work in a a program which I am surrounded by children at lunchtime. Surprisingly, I am not having cravings. I'm glad I started incorporating raw food into my diet. Otherwise their chicken nuggets, french fries, and bagels would have been calling me. I'm not gonna lie, I used to love those things, but since I've been eating more raw, I look at them like they were old lovers. We had a good time back in the day but I'm not crazy about them anymore. I think I have to take a look at some old favorites out of curiosity, but once I look at them, I turn away. I was really proud of myself for turning down homemade chocolate chip cookies the other day at the office.

I am gonna buy some mango and pinapple tonight. I can't wait to juice them tomorrow.

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Re: Juice Fast Diary
Posted by: satori108 ()
Date: March 27, 2009 01:39PM

Day 2- evening- I had a mild headaches. I juiced some mangos last night, but it turned out so thick, I didn't know if it counted as juice. sad smiley Too bad because I love mangos so much. I froze it instead to have sorbet after this is over.

Day 3- I juiced a bunch of spinach, apples, and a few nectarines. It's too bad that I put in all this fruit and it made a small amount of juice. I will definitely utilize aloe vera more because it makes a lot of juice. The juice is lovely though.
Not enough to get me through the work day, so I will have to get some from the cafe next door. They have a juicer but always put processed pinaple juice or OJ in the base. I will try to buy a bottle of water from them and ask if they can use that as a base. Tonight I will try juicing the pinapple I bought.

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Re: Juice Fast Diary
Posted by: satori108 ()
Date: March 31, 2009 05:40PM

Day 4- I am still having some hunger pangs. No headaches though. I made cantelope and spinach juice. Yummy. I also juiced tomatos. Interesting. It would have probably been nice as a broth, but a solid drink was a bit too much for me. I've been taking senna tea every night. That night I drank another cleanser.

Day 5- Pinnaple, Aloe, spinach, and nectarines.The markets near me sell giagantic aloe leaves. I cut open the aloe and am using the clear insides. I am scraping the inside of the leaves too. The cleanser was harsh. I only consumed half my juice because I wanted to stop the effects of the cleanser. It's good for cleansing when I asm eating solids, but not now.

I made curry for my boyfriend and I wasn't tempted. The rice however smelled so good. I've always been a sucker for rice - jasmine, spanish, basmati, just as long as it isn't plain american or risotto. But I was able to control myself even though he was eating right beside me. No tea that night. I needed a break.

Day 6- Again, pinapple, aloe, and lettuce. Pinapple and aloe are very cleansing, so that's why I choose them. I will probably alternate between apple and pinapple for the rest of this. Still had hunger pangs. I drank some juice that was sitting in the fridge a long time. It made me so unbelievably cold. I spent the evening in my bed wearing 2 hoodies, with one hood pulled over my head, sweats, and two pairs of socks under a blanket. I was still so cold. It wasn't until I drank my senna
tea, that I felt less cold.

Day 7- Apple, aloe, and lettuce. I drank the lettuce first, so I could have the best energy. A little lettuce juice was left over. I've been making my juice by blending and straining through two paint strainers doubled up. I saw a guy make green juice on the internet like this. All the fiber left over, I've been freezing so afterwards I can make little patties and cookies. I'm thinking of using aloe vera gel instead of flax seed gel or chia seeds. I can't really eat seeds, so I hope it works!

I still have some hunger, but less. I am hoping tommorrow, the hunger will have gone. I have been tempted to break my fast both yesterday and today because of the hunger. I have to keep reminding myself what this is for. On the master cleanse the hunger was gone by the third day, so it was relatively easy. Honestly, before, I fasted for the wrong reasons. I fasted for vanity and I would stop when I thought I lost enough weight. This time around, I was thin before I started. This time, I'm fasting to cleanse myself. I really want to go to 14 days.

I picked up some green tea because I read that it was an appetite suppressant. If the hunger comes back, I will try it.

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