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New & RAW
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: April 07, 2009 05:46AM

Hello everyone.

I am new to this whole experience and way of life.

I'll start by saying I have been a vegetarian for about 9 years now. My reasons for going Veg were mostly health reasons but primarily compassion for animals.
I grew up on eating animals so really knew no other way of living until my mid-20's. I gave up all beef and pork 13 years ago, but still ate chicken and seafood. I gave up the chicken 9 years ago and kept some fish on occasion just to be able to eat out at a restaurant with family. I gave up all shell fish.

After carefully considering my beliefs that slaughtering animals for our food pleasure is totally wrong I became a vegan 1 year ago. I will admit I fell off the vegan wagon and ate cheese when I should not have!!! No more milk, eggs, or dairy for me. Worked out great because due to my health I can't have dairy anymore!

After years of poisoning my body and creating disease within I need to clean up my act and go RAW. I learned from a friend what that meant and am just at basic RAW/living 101 so any helpful hints and recipes would be gladly appreciated.

I did get a juicer as a gift from the hubby. It is a Breville Juice Fountain Plus (silver one) and I am loving it every single day. It fascinates me. I can stick a whole carrot in and get a cup of juice. Little things like that amuse me!!

I'm trying to stick to a juice fast right now but need more juice combo recipes, please help?? I'm always finding recipes online that seem to call for an industrial strength juicer and blender and I have a cheap, average blender.

I'm hoping to lose weight - going for 30 pounds - doctor recommended it. I'm very short and petite and carrying extra baggage. The juice is giving me so much energy.

I also found that if I get Kombucha Raw Organic Tea, orange/citrus flavor I add that to my fresh orange/apple juice and Kom-POW-Bucha is that good.

I'm going to a live/raw vegan class on April 18th so I am hoping I will learn so much more.

Once the weight gets down, I would like to stay on this lifestyle way of nourishing the body.

Great to be here.


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Re: New & RAW
Posted by: tglasco4 ()
Date: April 07, 2009 08:45PM

Welcome RawDotti,

May blessings continue to attend you on your raw journey.

Grace and Peace be multiplied unto you.


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Re: New & RAW
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: April 08, 2009 05:09AM

Thank you Todd for the support. I found tons of recipes for my juicer on here and am grateful to have found everyone here to be so supportive.

I printed out many recipes and went and bought bags and bags of produce.

Enjoyed a pear, ginger, carrot juice today.

Had some Kombucha. And water. Not much today. I need to give my belly a rest sometimes because of a health prob I have. Fasting with the juice really helps!!

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