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Kicking Cooking (and Coffee)
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: April 28, 2009 07:16AM

It's been 7 days since I looked at coffee, smelled it brewing, tasted it... but no more than 10 seconds since I last thought of it. I drank some green tea the first few days off but I don't enjoy it enough to bother continuing with the caffeine addiction. If I'm going to do that, I'd rather just drink the real thing.

Yesterday my husband and I looked at each other as we sipped some Postum (grain coffee substitute) and wondered, "how bad it would be to be Raw Except for Coffee? Just one cup in the morning... how bad could it be?"

These are the moments of weakness I've had over the past week. Coffee. Stuffed mushrooms and a glass of wine from our favorite Italian restaurant in the neighborhood. Chocolate ICE CREAM (yes, I know there are raw substitutes but I was looking for the exact flavor in this fantasy). I have yet to be lured by any of *these* temptresses. Yet.

These cravings have been accompanied by headaches occasionally. And glowing skin. My skin has never been better. It tends to break out but it's been very clear.

But truth be told, the first 7 days of 100% raw were tough. So tough we cheated on the 7th night. It was Indian food on Sunday that lured us with it's crooked finger. I ate some papadam and lentil soup. He had vegetable biryani, which I also sampled. It was tasty. I won't lie. I didn't even feel bad after eating it. But I'm sold on raw. So I will soldier on and hope the cravings pass. I'm sure there will be a cooked meal or two in there in the weeks to come. I don't feel strong enough to resist just yet. But who knows?

So it was back to 100% yesterday. Today is day 9. Or day 2 if you're harsh on the break.

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