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Going in together
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: August 27, 2009 11:25PM

My partner and I have started going all raw together this week. I've flirted with this before, having been lovingly coached by a friend who is deeply in the lifestyle. When my SO and I got together, I fell into old patterns of drinking (sometimes heavily), eating junky food, and feeling just awful. It is a miracle to me that he wanted to go with me on this journey, and is showing so much enthusiasm in the process!

We are making green smoothies in the mornings, and making dehydrator crackers and eating a lot of salads. I'm keeping a baggie of mixed nuts and dried fruits (especially goji berries!) in my handbag for times when I get hungry. I'm relying a lot on avocados for substantial food in sandwiches (with the crackers), salads, and smoothies.

One of the reasons that we both wanted to make this change was to lose pounds. He has a few to go, and I have quite a few. We are both enjoying the way we fell, in spite of some of the detox symptoms. I'm concerned about how much luscious avocado we should use (also luscious banana, yummy nuts... you get the picture). Any comments about the wonderfully high-fat foods on the raw diet and weight loss?

Thanks to everyone else for their posts - it really helps to read about all of your personal experiences.

Love to all -

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Re: Going in together
Posted by: Moby ()
Date: August 28, 2009 01:12AM

Wonderful that you can do this together! My hubby is supportive, but not into trying it himself. Good luck!

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Re: Going in together
Posted by: suncloud ()
Date: August 29, 2009 07:19AM

Hi sunbear. Welcome to the raw foods lifestyle! smiling smiley

As for fats, I try to limit them, but never cut them out completely. Ideal for me seems to be anywhere from 1/4 cup a day nuts/seeds to about 3 times that (including avocado). Sometimes, if I feel really hungry, I'll eat more. I seem to have days that I'm just hungrier, and I don't gain weight after those hungrier days.

For about 4 years, I never ate nuts or seeds, and I had a much harder time staying raw. Cooked food makes me feel terrible. I'd much rather eat a few nuts and seeds and stay raw.

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