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My Diary Disappeared So Here I AM Again
Posted by: mysbenson ()
Date: September 16, 2009 12:14AM

I have been posting every week to share and to keep a record for myself, now that is lost.

I have been doing raw foods on and off for a long time but since six weeks I am doing it completely. I had a bit of cooked food here and there but I always feel bad the next day so I am stopping that. I am reading a book, "The Live Food Factor" it is almost 700 pages and the total story on raw foodism. It is helping me see that what I am doing is good. I have up and down days but that's what you get when you're healing.

I use water processed with prill beads and laminar crystals and get better hydrated, which makes all my raw go down and process better. My raw food makes the water use better. It is a relationship.

I love my juice and blended salad and blended salads and fruits and nuts and seeds and oils. I eat a bit more greens than a chimpanzee does, and a bit less fruit than a chimpanzee does. I read about it in Victoria Boutenko's "Green For Life". There is a pie chart example of common raw foodist eating vs chimpanzee vs standard american. Pretty enlightening.

The greens make my raw food diet work. The greens do it for me. Since the naturopath put me on 2 tbsp a day of essential fatty acids my eye is healing better. I was telling you the saga of my eye, inflammed and red red red since April. Since adding the EFAs two weeks ago, the inflammation is way way down. It is staying down. It was a roller coaster before that.

That's all for today. Mys Benson

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Re: My Diary Disappeared So Here I AM Again
Posted by: Jgunn ()
Date: September 16, 2009 01:37AM

hmmm weird Mysbenson i can see it here in the list ...

maybe refresh your browser ...not sure why you cant see it ...

...Jodi, the banana eating buddhist

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