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rainbow green live food cuisine phase 1
Posted by: jeni jolt ()
Date: January 13, 2010 06:29AM

I have had candida for a while and have tried many diets to get rid of it. The Body Ecology Diet was successful for me but the candida came back after going back to my old habits..(drinking & other stuff)
I went raw a few years ago for 3 months & don't remember a lot from that experience but I do remember that my digestion did not feel too good and it did not make me lose any weight.
I got the rainbow green livefood cuisine by Gabriel Cousens for Christmas and I decided to do Phase 1 and to start that off with a green smoothie fast of veggies only.
I lasted about 3 days on the green smoothie fast starting New Years Day. On the last day I woke up and felt nauseous & weak and I called in sick to work. I ate food to see if I felt better in a bingey way. I ate some kelp noodles with tahini dressing that was kinda icky and then i ate some popcorn and probably some other stuff.
Since than I have been eating all raw except for I had a small amount of cooked vegan food at a potluck on Sunday. I had a dish with cooked sweet potatoes, a little raw fruit salad, my cabbage salad, & my bliss balls & some coconut bliss icecream. I felt completely insanely hyper. I think it may have been because I had not had food that was that high on the glycemic index for a while.
So I have mostly been sticking to the Phase 1 of the rainbow green live food cuisine diet..although I have been eating cacao & xylitol, which I am not sure if I am supposed to eat.
I have not eaten much fruit in a long time because of all the candida diets. It has probably been since last summer since I ate much fruit..or maybe longer.
I want to eat fruit but I am afraid that my candida symptoms will come back.
I also want to eat fruit because I am eating too many nuts..
I keep making my little chocolate balls & they are hard for me to digest but I am having a hard time feeling full.
Green smoothies would help. Some of the green smoothies I made were pretty the ones with broccoli or cabbage..yuck.
I like cucumber-celery-kale-THE BEST (& maybe lemon)
I'd be happy for any suggestions.
After writing all that stuff I feel kind of insane!
smiling smiley

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Re: rainbow green live food cuisine phase 1
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: February 28, 2010 01:05AM

Hi! Well I am also just embarking out on the Phase 1 diet, and ahhh, it is so hard! I feel you with feeling like I am always hungry (well somedays), and feeling like I am eating too many fats in nuts and then I feel sick... I have been doing the green smoothies in the morning... adding tomato, red pepper, lime, lemon, and ginger kinda helps and I have gotten used to them, and they make me feel GREAT.
I do sprouted and dehydrated seeds for a snack, and try to stick to seeds over nuts.
Then for lunch i'll have something like the Pizza recipe from his book which I love! and dinner I'll have a big salad.
From what he says in his book, I know that feeling like @#$%& some days is the detoxification process, and as human beings we are supposed to eat a lot less then we normally do (we'll live way longer!), so I remember this when I "feel" hungry... As far as xylitol and cacao - no cacao for sure, that is Phase 2, and xylitol would probably be phase 1.5 because it still has a glycemic index. Try the cocount frosting from his book, coconut pulp really helps me to feel like I am eating sweets! (and coconut butter)
I am strictly doing Phase 1 for one month, then Phase 1.5 for a month, then 2. I would say if you are done with phase 1 eating a little fruit is ok! As long as its the phase 1.5 fruit he recommends.
I came online to find support so thanks for sharing, and I feel you! Sending you the love to stay motivated on your diet and even if your mind is telling you to go eat something you shouldn't, listen to your body!

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Re: rainbow green live food cuisine phase 1
Posted by: RAWLION ()
Date: February 28, 2010 02:50PM

i HIGHLY reccomend eating a digestive enzyme pill for this for a few months. Here's what happens. The inside of your digestive tract, is filled iwth weblike mycelium structure, that will never go away until digested. There are pills on the market that are plant based enzymes that will, when taken on an empty stomach, help digest the candida off the walls of your system. This will make your efforts actually WORK !!! Enzymes are the secret to correcting nearly EVERYTHING in the body.........

I am currently doing this right now, the pills are called CANDEX. a month or 2 of that process, with very little/or no sugar, and you can eat fruit again !!!

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Re: rainbow green live food cuisine phase 1
Posted by: KeyRawVegan ()
Date: September 16, 2011 04:51PM

Hey RawLion! I have been researching CANDEX and the side effects include nausea, a “burning sensation” in the stomach, or abdominal cramping.First I want to ask are you Raw Vegan (they recommend eating mat to help) and if you are raw vegan have you experienced any of these symptoms?

Thanks :-)

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Re: rainbow green live food cuisine phase 1
Posted by: RAWLION ()
Date: March 08, 2012 05:23PM

no, never have had any bad side effects from enzymes. yes I am 100% raw vegan. its the only way to get our bodies in balance. If you eat cooked food, you might as well just accept candida into your life.

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