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Detox, parasites or something else?
Posted by: rawbolivia ()
Date: March 25, 2012 12:32AM


I am new to raw food and i am having a lot of problems and I hope someone out there can give me some advice.

I started raw food, 100% raw two months ago and the first two weeks I felt amazing, better than I ever have felt in my life, so healthy and so happy. My eyes, normally a bit red where whiter than ever.

Then all of a sudden i started having problems with my heart racing, skipping beats, extreme chest pain, feeling dizzy and i was sure i was having a heart attack. One doctor said it was anxiety, another one that it was the altitude (I am living at 4000 meter above the sea, which is also hard for the body).

After a couple of days of feeling horrible i got better and felt excellent again, until one week later the same feeling came back, but less extreme. I went to see a heart specialist and my heart is fine.

One week after that i got constipation followed by two days of diarrhea. I started taking papaya seeds in case i had any parasites in me and two days later i found worm in the toilet. Since then i continued to take papaya seeds and my bowel movements are more regular, stomach feeling fine, but the food comes out undigested, looking exactly like it looked when i ate it, and i feel i am not absorbing any nutrition, everything is just passing through my body. My eyes are also bloodshut and more red than ever and I am always tired.

During the night i also wake up with pain in different parts, sometimes the nose, or the liver or the chest.

I am wondering what is going on with me. Prior to going raw i was vegetarian for 10 years. I have been healthy all my life, and never been like this. i have spent more days sick in bed during these two months than my i have in my whole life prior to going raw.

I am living in bolivia and there are not really any raw fooders here or much information to help me out.

So, I am wondering, what is all this? I dont thing detox will affect your heart? and is this parasite something i already had or did i get it after going raw? How come i felt so great the first two weeks, but have felt miserable and sick ever since?

I think I am doing everything right, greens, green smoothies, fruits, some nuts and seeds but not too much.

I would appreciate if you have any idea what I am doing wrong or what is happening to me.



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