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50% raw vegan since Nov. 2011 and growing
Posted by: SkyFeather ~ ()
Date: July 16, 2012 09:00PM

Interesting changes I have observed in my body -to share with you all here- when I started with my 50% raw vegan diet (Nov. 2011) and even most interesting whenever I reach 70% (mostly the past month).

- My hair volume have thickened
- I feel vibrant and more energetic with more stamina
- Much-much fewer teeth problems!
- Greatly reduced body odor (or eliminated in many cases)
- My skin became softer. At my intimate moments with a girl she couldn't believe how soft my feet and heels are, at my age (43)
- I defecate much more often (some mornings three times in just a couple of hours!) that normal? Btw, I have of this type toilet basin that you can examine the "product" before you flush it out and I find it very interesting to examine my own defecation.
- I have become more conscious and responsible of my bodies functions and true needs.
- On the other hand, the battle with the addictive processed cooked foods is still on. How could not be when that way of eating was a habit since the day I was born.

It takes good focusing and determination and I believe I will soon make it to an 80% raw vegan as a stable.

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