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The Journey
Posted by: airport5 ()
Date: March 02, 2014 03:06PM

First month:
I just started a to a plant based diet. I still do about 20% cooked vegetables and rice. I'm 40 and I've had chronic fatigue since high school an my adult acne started at age 28 or so. I'm an American so my diet was loaded with carbs and sugar. At around 30 I joined a health club and made an effort to exercise and change my diet. I tried eating more protein but I always would go back to eating crap. I did manage to cut out most sugary foods. Recently I've been to tired to work. So I decided to buy a juicer after watching some you tube videos of Dan The Man. So far it's been great. It has been more expensive for food.
I currently live in Korea so many fruits are insanely expensive. But Carrots and spinach is reasonable.
March 3, 2014
• Breakfast: Almond milk strawberry juice. The almond turned out alright. And I've been using the excess almonds from the juicer as a spread for apples! -Solid food 3 Apples, Raw peanut butter (store bought)
• Lunch: Carrot, apple, spinach juice. Solid food-1 carrot, 3 apples almond spread
•Dinner: carrot cucumber juice -Solid food apples and almond spread.

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Re: The Journey
Posted by: airport5 ()
Date: March 02, 2014 03:18PM

The bad: Socializing/headaches/drowsiness/gas
The good: Happy for no reason. Sex drive
• I've had a few issues #1 is what to do when I go out with friends because none vegetarians. My social circle is limited because I don't live in America and don't speak the language.
• Drowsiness: Friday I had the day off work and it was about my 2nd day with my juicer. It's like I have just a slight fever and I laid in bed all day.
• I've had some bad gas.
• I'll be happy for no reason at all.
•Warm feeling around the neck and lymph node areas.
•sex drive is up. Which is good. Getting sexually excited in public (I'm male), not good.

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Re: The Journey
Posted by: airport5 ()
Date: March 03, 2014 02:37AM

Juiced some carrots with a bit of apple this morning. Ate an apple with some left over almond spread, which is surprisingly good. I was very full after eating that.
I'm still doing coffee and tea. Trying ween myself off coffee first.
* Cooked foods I still eat on a regular basis:
-rice about a handfull after cooked. (about every 3days)
-Non dairy based soups here in korea. (about every 3days)
-Ramen noodle (once a week)
-Dairy products (I had small latte last week at SB. no sugar)
-fatty animal meats. ex.bacon ( used to eat a lot of. I had a few nights I ate meat at school dinners.)
-Sugar drinks and booze (So far so good)
-eggs (I used to eat a lot of but havent in a month with the exception of and egg in my tofu soup.)
-Soy milk (I still use this from time to time in my coffee but not daily like I used to. Those calories add up.)

* Future problems and temptation:
-Work: We have tons of these coffee mix packets at school. It's hard to resist them. Chocolates for the kids are always lying around. School dinners: Imagine fat pieces of pig pork right in front of you + tons of booze. (Need I say more)

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Re: The Journey
Posted by: airport5 ()
Date: March 05, 2014 06:03AM

March 5, 2014
Word up. I'm at work and got some free time between. Screaming 2nd graders.
I've been zero meat/bread/pasta/cheese this week.
I've been experimenting with my juicer. (I don't have a blender). I made some really awsome spread by using left overs from the jucicer after my banana/almond/carrot smoothie. Taste like carrot cake! I'm sure its loaded with calories because its made with almonds.
I ate an apple and a few bananas with the spread and drank the rest of the smoothie.
I have to go to the market everyday because I don't have a car in korea to hall a bunch of groceries. I'm sure they think I'm nuts because I buy all this fruit. Its more than I usually spend of course. So if I go off the wagon at the end of the month that will mean I've ran out of cash.

Last night:
Banana smoothie 2 banana 1 apple

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 03/05/2014 06:05AM by airport5.

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Re: The Journey
Posted by: airport5 ()
Date: March 06, 2014 01:26AM

I just realized I don't like the title of this post. Maybe i should be Super Awesome journey or Raw food Super Awesome journey. I think of something.

Woke up feeling well this morning despite not sleeping through the night.
Man in the morning, lately, I have been mega @#$%& for like 15 minutes. Its soft light color and just a lot. Like holy "lots of @#$%&"!

During class yesterday one of the kids said I looked happy. So that was nice.
In the past my mood could be kind of gloomy. Especially in winter with less sun. After I got back from Thailand I noticed I was so much happier. In thailand I was eating nothing but fruit water, tea, coffee, and juice. I did have a few cooked meals at airports and on planes because that's all there was. In Thailand I ate watermelon, pineapple, coconut water, grapefruit its cheap and they cut fresh. Miss it already.

Yesterday I ate two cooked meals.
Both Veggie tofu soup with a palm size rice portion. and kimchi.
After dinner I felt so tired. When I eat cooked foods many times I feel tired afterwards. Its not a good feeling.
For breakdfast I ate a banana/carrot/almond smoothie same as this morning. So good. Really I'm missing eggs or meat. Rather I'm missing the convienence of eggs and meat. Also a blender would be a nice thing to have.
I've been doing a lot of fruit for snacks like apples, oranges and bananas.

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Re: The Journey
Posted by: airport5 ()
Date: March 07, 2014 12:27AM

March 7,2014
Ugh money problems. Or more like student loan problems. I'm trying to figure a way to make a little extra cash. If I could make $200 extra a month it would make things a lot easier. I got hit with some insane power bills last month.
Juicing apples and spinach seems to be the cheapest for korea. Almonds and oranges are expensive.

Last night I didn't eat much just an apple and some almond spread. As well as some dried fruit.

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Re: The Journey
Posted by: airport5 ()
Date: March 12, 2014 07:47AM

HOLY CRAP! Had had some serious dandruff today and inchy scalp. Later on while teaching some of the kids at school where freaked out while pointing at my scalp. They said I had worms coming out of my head! The look on there faces told me they were not joking. There is no light(dont want to turn it on) in the bathroom. So I will have to wait to get home to check for myself.
Yesterday I was ill in the morning with a mild fever and bad stomachache like I was going to throw up. I was just sick with a fever 2 weeks ago and could not get out of bed because of weakness. But the fever was very mild. A warm feeling that I kind of liked it. Very strange. I think it is all my detox because I've been staying on track of about 70% fruits and veggies with some nuts as well as rice and some cooked veggies. ]
-Banana icecream made from the juicer 5-6 medium size bananas. Really good.
1 Apple, coffee no sugar,
-1 apple,carrots, peanuts in shell.
-rice, cooked veggies, soup(not sure what but looked high calorie), 1 an orange, a ew small bits of fried chicken(because there was nothing else at the school caf.)
-1apple, carrots, peanuts

I had 2 small Kit Kat chocolates and 2 coffee mixes which contain sugar.

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Re: The Journey
Posted by: Ela2013 ()
Date: March 12, 2014 02:47PM

Hey, airport5, don't worry about the dandruff and itchy scalp, it's a natural process in going vegan or raw vegan even. I have been experiencing this issue too, with white flakes in my hair and very itchy scalp, but I am sure it will soon go away. It's just body's way to move on to better skin and hair. Maybe you could find some natural organic shampoo, it will make things better. And rinse your hair and scalp daily with water to remove the dandruff periodically and to ease the itchyness. It helps a lot.

I think you should quit eating meat, it will only slow your detox that has just begun and it will bring more toxins into your body, so you will have a longer detox (meaning also more dandruff and itchy scalp). Even if there is not much food at the cafeteria or much variety, try to leave the meat out, as it sure doesn't make you feel full, or good. You could eat more of the veggies or rice instead.

I know it is hard when the budget is tight, but don't lose hope and try to go on with what you have. Animal products are definitely not a good option, even if they might be cheaper (which I'm not sure they actually are).

I'm glad you liked the banana ice cream. It's the best ice cream ever, especially in hot summer.


Raw vegan for life. Vegan for the animals. Raw for my health.

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