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Fighting for Health
Posted by: SunLoving ()
Date: March 08, 2016 03:27AM

Hello everyone! I'm new here, and I definitely need some support in my transition and following up with raw food diet.

Here is my story:
I was raw vegan from 2006 to 2009, then crazy life happened and I lost myself and started to eat vegetarian. There is lots of stress in my life, but more difficult makes it the fact that I have to fight with lots of diseases.
Recently, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, PCOS, endometriosis, fibromyalgia, depression, PDSD... and I have all symptoms! I was put for last 2 years on 5 different medications simultaneously (Synthroid, SSRIs, etc...). 2 months ago I refused to go to the doctor and stopped taking them. I'm already feeling withdrawal effects, but i don't want to go back on meds. I really hope, I can cure all of it with a diet.

Is there anyone who had similar health problems and good turnout with raw foods?

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Re: Fighting for Health
Posted by: Ela2013 ()
Date: March 24, 2016 08:28PM

Hi, SunLoving,

May I ask what is your age?

If you look in my diary, recently I've been dealing with the possibility of having an autoimmune disease (I so hope it's not the case). My thyroid turned out great in ultrasound, but my TSH is slightly higher which could be a sign of hypothyroidism. It all started from noticing my lymph nodes in the neck and my parotid glands being swollen after an episode of flu - like symptoms. But they aren't that swollen - I posted the link to my photo in my threads. I went to the immunology doctor and she suspects I might have the Sjogren Syndrome. The ultrasound doctor excluded the autoimmune thyroiditis.

What exactly are your hypothyroidism symptoms? Did they improve on the raw vegan diet? I have mixed symptoms from hypo and hyperthyroidism, but they may as well be coincidences and connected to random situations in my daily life.

I read online that people who deal with thyroid issues and autoimmune diseases turn to vegan and raw vegan foods and have great results. I'm going to search more because I'd like to know more about this subject as well. My belief is that raw vegan foods are the best for dealing with any health issue, and most certainly better than medication.

Wishing you the best health. Try to be optimistic. At first I went through horrible turmoil and stress, but I realized that being pesimistic doesn't bring me anything good and beneficial. And the raw vegan foods are true joy and life smiling smiley


Raw vegan for life. Vegan for the animals. Raw for my health.

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