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Back in the Saddle... so to speak
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: March 07, 2007 12:57AM

Well, I went raw back in highschool, my senior year. I lost a lot of weight, which i always seem to have issues with. Unfortunately going raw, I got a little obsessive and stopped eating all together. So I stopped with being raw. It's been 3 years since then... and I am tired of the headaches and the sluggishness I have been feeling. I also really would like to lose the weight I gained after I stopped being raw. It's really hard for me, because the people I live with are definately not about being raw, so I am surrounded by temptations... any advice or success stories would be greatly appreciated!!!!


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Re: Back in the Saddle... so to speak
Posted by: taylor ()
Date: March 07, 2007 12:44PM

katybear-welcome and that is alot of people here .if u read in others journals-we are all talking about cooking for others and how tuff it is.well-i tend my grandsons like 50 hours a week and they eat meat and goodies and so does hubby and eveyrone in my family. when the holidays come-i am trying to figure out what to do to wow everyone to the raw side.all i can do is add fresh fruits and veggies .i got my grandsons interested by letting them make noodles with my spiral slicer.and they made juice with me with my juicer.they drank it and loved it.i think maybe it is like we raw foodist know in our hearts the benefits of this way and the good feelings we get when we drink a fresh made juice-we feel lite and clear headed and good inside and we just have to hang tuff and be strong against everyone and everything-to stay the course and to educate others-by kind offerings.thats what i think.others may say something different.i think we stay strong cause it is what we want for us.i was very sick and had been for yrs. and was 245-then i went vegetarian and then vegan and now since the new yr.i have been raw.i weigh 175 that is a 70 pound weigh loss. i tossed out all my fat clothes the other day. i have struggles. we went on a vacation to the coast. i had made a whole wheat raisin/cranberry cake.yep! i ate alot of it.drs. orders to me-no sugar and no salt and low i was so now i am back on track...being good.i will say i usually get a horrid cold and sicness this time of yr.everyone around me is sick and i got the sniffles for a couple of days and felt tired.but it was a couple of days-not a whole month as always.yay!! hugs and welcome.taylor


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Re: Back in the Saddle... so to speak
Posted by: sachelle ()
Date: March 07, 2007 10:32PM

Hi there katybear....welcome to the forum and congrats on choosing to go raw again!!! that is awesome an it is such a wonderful is ups and downs of course...and i totally understand where you are coming from with your family and friends not being the raw roomie isn't into it nor is anyone i know...i get protein lectures from my employer sometimes...she means well though i think she does anyway...they just worry because it is off the norm....and it is something they aren't used to....but if you really want to do it we are all here to help you with whatever you need....we are like a raw family on here and always here to offere support and thoughts for one another...please always feel free to post and talk about your day and today i had a HORRIBLE day you can read that in my journal much weight are you wanting to lose/?? how much did you lose before....
well good luck and know we are here
congrats again
love sachelle

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Re: Back in the Saddle... so to speak
Posted by: starfruit ()
Date: March 08, 2007 01:01AM

Read other peoples journals cause it really helps i think and post your own struggles and successes we are all here for you


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Re: Back in the Saddle... so to speak
Posted by: earthangel ()
Date: May 02, 2007 08:18AM

hey there hun just wanted to check in and see how things were going....i know you have posted in a while hope all is well!
take care
love earthangel

Much peace and love!!!

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