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Re: hi , im a teen and need some advise!
Posted by: earthangel ()
Date: May 31, 2007 06:03AM

hey sweetie CONGRATS on doing all raw today that is awesome!! yeah once you let the kcal thing go you will be okay..some days are more some less!! but the staple foods are higher in kcals...and bananas are cheap and good for you and higher in kcals to fill you up and keep you satisfied smiling smiley
haha i was just teasing about mcdonalds i figured you mean that was the end of our "cruise strip" after school in high school you had to circle the entire mcdonalds to start over smiling smiley that was when gas was still cheap and we spent an hour to 2 hours cruising after school haha

okay to put a pic in there this is what i do...i put the pic in my photobucket account..then i copy the IMG link..and then go to my control center on this site..and under edit signature you paste it in there and then go to settings and turn signature on smiling smiley and if i am confusing you on the main forum at the very top is the post that tells you how to do it haha...

oh if the fruit is raw and you freeze it your self it is still raw..some say it loses a few nutrients or whatever..but ehy it works and especially on a cold day i love bananas frozen and run through the juicer to make ice cream!!! and sometimes you get lucky and find real raw fruit frozen in the store but it is tricky haha...

okay and as far as products go i don't use honey cuz it isn't vegan....but i use salt and sugar..i alternate days the sugar moisturizes and the salt detoxifies and removes impurities.....and on my body i do a body brush then i use some burt's bees or giovanii...somteimes other things...and for my hair i use something from whole foods...i just started cuz it is 3.5 for a huge thing of it and it is organic natural and vegan!! so i love it!!

have a great day hun!!
love earthangel

Much peace and love!!!

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