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Re: fruta brasileira
Posted by: cy ()
Date: November 28, 2007 02:08PM

Hi Michelle,thanks for the recipes.You are an amazing chef!!!!
Grama de trigo means wheat (trigo) grass(grama).
If you really want to have energy ask for powder guarana. Wow!! i used to eat that when I had school exams.It is pure energy. I've heard that you can add to smoothie too,but I've never done that.
Now,cacao is a treat. In Minas we don't have too much.And,are you drinking acai there?And many other fruits that I don't remember the name.In the North of Brasil the fruits are abundent,or different from the South were I'm from.

Also,you might have a bahiano accent now,very different and very slowwwwww bichin.
I'll ask my sister more stuff from Bahia.She knows a lot about the North.


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Re: fruta brasileira
Posted by: michelle80 ()
Date: November 28, 2007 08:02PM

cy....tudo beeeeeeeem......bahianos falam devegaaaaaaar......como estão cantaaaaaando.....
hehe, i love the accent here!
so i drank 500 mL of wheat grass juice?? holy crap, no wonder i was flying! smiling smiley
powder guarana....i've had the soda (pre-raw), and i've seen the powder, but it's expensive. however, the place where i got the wheat grass has smoothies and you can add powdered guarana...which i shall try!
actually, it's an açai store...and yes i've had açai, MMMM! the traditional way....cold pulp in a bowl with banana and granola. sooo good.....but unfortunately, pasteurized. so i limit it.
by the way, thanks for the link to that girl in recife. i went to her blog and asked for a subscription.

yes, so many fruits here....graviola, mangaba, umbu...i love them all. smiling smiley

thanks for the compliment on the recipes! i really don't have the means or equipment to be "gourmet", although i'd love to learn. but i'm trying to be simple. plus, with a lot of the gourmet recipes i see, i'd be eating way to much nuts and butter. i LOVE nuts and nut butter, hence the danger- i'd pig out on them! but i really want the majority of what i eat to be f/ that's it for now. but occasionally i'd love to try some of those crazy recipes. i don't have a dehydrator, juicer, or food processor though.

let's is today so far:

apple/beet/mint smoothie
mango/banana/spinach smoothie
massive salad including romaine, spinach, 2 other kinds of lettuce that i don't know the name of but were quite yummy, squash, tomatoes, carrots, cilantro, purple onion, green pepper, lime juice and pulp, olive oil, salt, herbs. SO good. smiling smiley
later, i have some tangerines that are begging to be juiced....and another papaya which will be combined with banana and cinnamon in some way.

i just have to say, i really really love eating like this. it's so good, and i feel SO much better than i used to.

winking smiley


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Re: fruta brasileira
Posted by: cy ()
Date: November 28, 2007 09:45PM

Hi Michelle,thanks for so many yummys recipes.I have to try the apple/beet/mint today.
The guarana has to be in powder,the soda is a complete sugar and non raw stuff( delicious,but not good at all for your health.)
Acai with granola and banana is a treat!!!I love that.You can try acai,banana,almond milk and nut granola(nuts and raisins,dates in the sun).
The sun is the best dehydrator ever.I have friends in Minas that dry food in the sun. Ah!Papaya and lemon juice is great,and you might have a lot of guava there.It has a lot of vitamin c and its delicious (the white and the red).It is my favorit fruit.

Andrea from Recife is very nice.You'll like to talk with her,maybe you could go there and visit.It is a beautiful place (my sister told me.Do you believe that I've never been to the North of Brasil?).

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Re: fruta brasileira
Posted by: michelle80 ()
Date: November 29, 2007 12:35AM should visit! northeastern brazil is gorgeous...the beaches here are mesmerizing. i've always wanted to visit recife...i subscribed to andrea's blog, but i can't find contact info. do you know her email address?

do you have a good process for sun-dehydrating? i'd like to try it, but i'm not sure what to do or even what food i should dry. smiling smiley

you know, to be honest i see a lot of desserts and drinks here made with guava, but i can't seem to find fresh guava at the market. strange...

but mmm, papaya....that's what i'm having right now, my papaya-banana-mint-cinnamon smoothie.

the tapioca is big here too....yesterday a student gave me tapioca "chips" with dried coconut on them....called beijo de coco, i think? coconut kisses? really really good stuff!

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Re: fruta brasileira
Posted by: aquadecoco ()
Date: November 29, 2007 01:16AM

Hi michelle, what's the accent like?

devagar e....?

conheco a gente do joao pessoa e eles nao falam como os rio de janeiros...eles nao diz "goshto", eles diz "gosto"....nao, "eshtamosh" mas "estamos"

Cy - como os mineiros prononcar "estamos" - como as rio de janeiros?,

O que e o melhor sotaque aprendar para falar com os brasileiros?

Michelle, eu te mandei um recado privado com o endereco email de Ecodea. Espero que ela estara feliz com isso! Gosto muito o seu website dela.

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Re: fruta brasileira
Posted by: cy ()
Date: November 29, 2007 04:21PM

Aquadecoco,my accent for estamos is istamos (eesstamos) and Rio is ishtamos (eeshtamos),almost the same as Rio but we don't have too much sh and we have the rs like French in the troat ( state has a lot of french people).
The best accent? I don't know,maybe a mix of Rio and Sao Paulo (that has a lot Italians and have the rs in the front of the mouth).
I hope I was helpful.

Michelle,just put your food in the sun but becareful with the birds dropping. has a lot of good recipes,and if you want some flax seed the name of it there is linhaca (with the c cedille that I don't have in my computer-would be pronounced linhassa).
Aloe vera is babosa,and coconut kisses is beijo de coco.
Tapioca,or mandioca in my state is good if you put it in the water to boil and eat it with honey.Also we love avocado with honey.In Brasil avocado is a desert.I make my with honey and chocolate.
Very strange that you can't find guava.I'll ask my mother,maybe it is not the season,but it is the season for mangoes.Many kind of mangoes,i really miss that.

I definitelly will go the the northeastern of Brasil in the near future and it will be in the summer.I don't mind the sun,the only problem will be my husband and his fair skin.

I hope you got Andrea's e-mail from Aquadecoco,if not I'll send it to you.

Michelle,here is a raw granola recipe that I love.Grawnola !!Good to dehydrate in the sun.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 11/29/2007 04:32PM by cy.

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