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from vegan to starting juice go raw
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: December 11, 2007 11:16AM

Well today is the end of day one!
I am 30 year old female been vegan by my own choice since I was 12. Have a vegan partner and two vegan children
I have just brought big box of organic fruit, reading more into this and starting with only limited knowledge I realise that I need more veggies in my juice recipes!!
I hear Kale and Spinach are good!! I am putting spirulina in my juice too because I know my iron is a bit low and I want to keep on top of that! I must admit I had a piece of Dried Mango today which I suppose is a bit against what I am trying to do! I feel i need a cleanse and want to do this for detox purposes and to lose the odd kilo!!! I am usually a pretty healthy eater but since my partner is away and I am left with the two kids I have been eating a bit of a junk food!! and way too much sugar! I have been having the worst sugar cravings and chocolate attacks. I find though when I have lots of juice and fruit I don't get that... and if I do a date or a dried mango piece usually seems to satisfy! I seem to get cravings when I am pre menstrual which is pretty common amongst most girls I know. I have been told not to eat wheat cause when I do the symptoms I get are uncomfortable I am not allergic but my doctor says I have a small case of Irritable bowel....I get the same symptoms when I first eat in the morning and it usually takes me a while to work up to eating hard food. A raw diet seems to be the way to go because I naturally eliminate the foods that irk me!!! Bread and brown rice and muesli are the worst! I am not sure if raw fooders eat tofu????? Please let me know?????
Im still getting the hang of all this!

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Re: from vegan to starting juice go raw
Posted by: optimist4life ()
Date: December 11, 2007 02:42PM

Welcome veganjuiicegrrl! Sounds like you are way ahead of the game -- transitioning from vegan to raw vegan is probably a lot eaiser that for someone who used to be even a lacto-ovo vegetarian.

No, raw foodists do not eat tofu, soy milk, or any other processed soy products. In general, soy is not usually recommended. Surprise, surprise! Raw edimame should be okay, but Nathalie Rose warns against both soy and peanuts.

Good luck, I look forward to following up on your raw journey!

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Re: from vegan to starting juice go raw
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: December 11, 2007 11:27PM

Thanks for that! I was pretty sure that tofu was off the list I know there is some cooking process in there!

Today for breakfast I had a juice consisting of Pineapple, Oranges, apple, carrot, beetroot and a big hunk of ginger. I also put in two teaspoons of spirulina.

I am also taking a supplement which is called spatone and it is little sachets of water from Wales which is incredibly high in Iron and is easily absorbed, I usually put that in with my last bit of juice and drink it down quick.

The hardest thing for me is that I have two children, 8 and 3 and a half, which I obviously have to cook for still! That is a major test, stirring a stir fry or making toast is slightly a bit like torture, but I am feeling so strongly like i need this that I am getting through it ok.

I had a cup of fasting tea which is not raw but I was reading about leaving water in the sun to brew your tea and I am living in Australia and it is summer now so I am going to do that, but the truth is I don't even feel like tea anyway, I feel so hydrated that Tea seems the last thing I want at the moment anyway...think i will stick with water and juice!

There is a man who lives in my town who is a well know raw foodist and runs a Guest house and does retreats he is a friend of a friend I may get in touch with him and have a talk and get some advice, he has been doing this for ever! I will be sure to pass on all of my advice recieved for anyone intrested. Any australian or any one coming for a visit who is intrested in all of this stuff should go and stay at his place you would love it it is in country Victoria.

Any way must fly, I am planning on doing some exercise today, I am not going to run because I have my period (I knew it was coming!) and I was in a car accident last year and It upsets my injuries but some brisk walking through the country side sounds just like what I need! I also am child free today so I am going to make use of my time!!!


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Re: from vegan to starting juice go raw
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: December 13, 2007 03:20AM

Well day three now of my juice fast. I was feeling really headachy last night but today I feel REBORN! I have had more energy today than i have in a long time! I feel like im not bloated anymore and aren't getting hungry at all! The Juices are very satisfying.

Breakfast: Juice of; Pink Grapefruit, Orange, carrot and Spirulina

Later: Juice of; Beetroot, Carrot, Celery, apple and ginger

Lunch: Juice of; Spinach, Carrot, Celery, Parsley, cucumber, orange, lemon.

I also have been drinking Natural Mineral water fresh from a spring near where I live. I am lucky to live in an amazing place that is full of natuarlly fizzy mineral rich springs!!! So yummy!!!!

I drink Rain water from our tank. I live in the country so we are not on town water which is fantastic...except when it is in drought which is alot!!!

Yesterday I went on a 40 minute bush walk which was a bit nerve racking because it is snake season!! I was walking near cliffs in the middle of no where god knows what would have happened if i was actually bitten!!!

So I feel a real turn around from yesterday which was headaches and saw glands around my neck!

I have been having lots of baths with Grapefruit essential oil and lots of showers and loofah scrubs. It feels really empowering to be taking control of your body!

Dealing with the kids is still a bit more stressful than I would like but my partner and I are going away to the beach for my Birthday this weekend which is exciting ,.....with no kids Yipeee, I am really excited to jump in the salt water, I think it will be great for my skin and the whole detox!!!!

Look forward to hearing from anyone else who has done this or anything like this before it seems to be a fun experience and I feel like I may have lost a slight bit of weight already.

Here is a link i found useful!!!


Love and Light!!!

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Re: from vegan to starting juice go raw
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: December 13, 2007 11:32PM

Woke up feeling mucousy! Which I am reading is normal I had a juice with lots of Ginger and that seemed to fix it up..... I am going this weekend and I have to do a long drive So I am going to start breaking the fast and start to do the RAW thing which is exciting going to make some Hoummos today and eat it with some salad of Carrot, lettuce and spinach. I also bought some Apple cider vinegar to make some salad dressing. I am going to eat some fruit first just to ease my body back into eating, I am told that breaking the fast and how you do it is the most important part.

If any one has any exciting vegan raw salad dressing recipes please share!!!!!

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Re: from vegan to starting juice go raw
Posted by: Prism ()
Date: December 18, 2007 06:19PM

Wow...sounds like you are doing great! I also think the ocean swimming is very curative for anyone, especially if you have some large natural kelp or seaweed beds off of the coastline where you swim near.

I also started a bit of juice fasting lately, and it's not too hard because my kids are all grown and I'm not doing heavy childcare duties right now for my childcare business. Otherwise it gets hard.


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Re: from vegan to starting juice go raw
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: December 18, 2007 11:30PM

Thanks for your kind words, I have been Juicing and only had one day when I ate some vegetables on my birthday last Sunday, But my slightly overweight husband has now decided it is time to get serious and lose some pounds!!! So I am kind of back on the juice feast ( iread this somewhere, it sounds much better than fast) In support with him because he is a bit of a chronic food eater and he is 20 years older than me and I would love him to stay healthy and live as long as possible, so I am helping him as much as I can.

I would really love to express how wonderful I feel, and am becoming more aware of the way the world is with food and how people relate to it I keep thinking of the saying:


Food has pretty much become some kind of recreation and we wonder why we are all getting ill and fat, OUR BODY IS A TEMPLE, and we really should be treating it as such. I now walk into the supermarket and feel that most of the food around me isn't even food...not REAL food...shiny packaging being sold like some kind of addictive sugar drug.....instant gratification we all seem to eat like my two year old son wishes he could except as adults we have the power to do so and we do, a person I met who was severley overweight and couldn't work out why!! I saw her having Half a litre of coca cola and two huge sausage rolls for BREAKFAST!!!! She told me she had to drink the coke otherwise she had terrible headaches and the coke made them go away!! This girl was 17!! The majority of Australia is like this especially with's scary.....

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