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Chris's Online Diet Transformation Blog
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: January 22, 2008 12:41AM

Day #1
Gosh, where to begin? It seems like forever I've been doing research on different diets, ways of losing weight, compassionate search for what's healthy has been as intense as my search for the Truth, and I truly believe I have discovered the way to eat that will keep my body healthy, be compassionate to the animal kingdom and the environment, and ultimately turn me from someone who just loves food (especially junk food) to someone who eats when she is hungry, slowly and thankfully, because eating is something we do to survive. I am a bit uncertain as to how to transition; I have read many opinions from jump in with both feet and deal with the detox to ease in very gently. I like what Gingi & Storm say in their e-book: start off going a month vegetarian, then a month vegan, then up your number of raw meals a day, etc. The thing is, I like the smoothies I have been making so much that I like doing them and/or some fruit for breakfast, a salad for lunch, and for month 1 I will do a vegetarian dinner, then month 2 a vegan dinner, then 1 raw dinner a week, then 2, etc. I would love to sneak in a full 10 day Master Cleanse somewhere, but I have no idea when; maybe when my parents go home at the beginning of April. By the time I finish school in July, I would like to be 100% raw.

So, today for breakfast I had a really good smoothie with some stuff from the crisper. Note: cabbage in a smoothie makes it smell like a giant fart. Later on I ate my leftover baked potato from the other night. For lunch I had a McDougall recipe garbanzo bean spread on whole wheat bread. My daughter and parents ate it too and both liked it! When I stopped at the health food store, I got some jordan almonds and shared them as we all walked around town. For dinner I made bean burritos and this awesome tortilla soup. 7 M & M's for dessert. No meat; total vegetarian today, which feels good. The thing is, now that I know so much, I want to just jump and go complete right away, but I'm afraid of hitting road blocks, so I'll just do the best I can. I did not weigh myself this morning....probably about 140, and I hope the walking I did around town counts as good moving exercise. Back to school tomorrow; lots of sitting. I really like this site; lots of good information. I'll be reading and checking in daily.

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Re: Chris's Online Diet Transformation Blog
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: January 27, 2008 08:38PM

Well, so much for checking in daily. I borrowed the book "The Raw Detox Diet" and really like it so far. It's hard to transiton with my folks here, but I'm definately eating better than I have been. It's when I hit situations I'm not prepared for or want to celebrate that I've eaten stuff that's bad for me, and the money situation is not condusive to going out and buying lots of extra groceries in addition to what we have in the house, so I've gotta keep it simple, which is probably best. I have been doing all raw breakfasts and a lot of raw lunches. I have tried Lara Bars and love them, and another Raw Revolution, which was excellent as well. Also made the green soup from Victoria's book and though the family gagged, I thought it was wonderful.

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Re: Chris's Online Diet Transformation Blog
Posted by: pampam ()
Date: January 28, 2008 02:58AM

I made a green soup and I gaged and fed it to my grand baby, he loved it. I put dulsa in it and I am not ready for that fishy taste. It sounds like you are doing good so far. It can get expensive but if you get some sprout seeds and start learning to grow them that can help with the expense.
happy eating to ya

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