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Re: Raw February
Posted by: birch ()
Date: February 22, 2008 04:20PM

last night had fresh orange juice and coconut chunks on my way home. very very filling. good replacement for bread, though easy to overdo.

Dinner was less than one bundle org. soba and boiled org. broccoli with olive oil and tamari. I was so full because of the coconut.

I think I have to watch my calories/fat more closely because I'm not losing this week. I realize I have a long hard goal ahead of me (110 pounds... I want to see what it feels like. And I honestly think it would be totally reasonable with my height/bone structure), and I'm willing to stick to raw in the long term to get there-- and even beyond because I really like the way it makes me feel. But, watching the calories makes any diet hard (in my book). Maybe more greens?

This morning:
orange juice
org. coffee
soaked seeds/almonds- maybe I will put these into fitday but I think these are my bedrock of support in raw and it would be very hard to let go/lessen them...

I think I will stick with the soaked seeds/nuts every morning but watch the starches (bananas) and fats later in the day... more greens/roughage should help.

I also think I am having too many 'treats' on this diet- One of the big reasons I started it was to diminish my cravings for unhealthy foods-- which worked!, but I think I am always looking for another sweet fruit or fatty thing, like yesterday the coconut chunks were definately a 'treat'. I want simplicity and psychologically- and financially- I need to not be ruled by cravings. Another reason to eat more greens (and other veggies) I think. I would be so frustrated with myself if I traded cravings for candy and vegan burgers for cravings for fruit or fat.

137.5 again today. At least I can be confident I've lost that much.

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Re: Raw February
Posted by: birch ()
Date: February 22, 2008 07:42PM

lettuce salad with cherry tomatoes and "lemon herb" dressing (with oil)
jicama sushi with avocado, shitake, and what look like sunflower sprouts. also a little ginger and wasabi sauce
wheatgrass shot
raspberry-cacao-goji-almond milk smoothie

so much for my 'treat rant' above... but i do feel good about the wheatgrass and sushi. I was *very* surprised about the jicama seeming so starchy in a nice way, really like rice. they must have marinated it? This sushi would definately be a good lunch item any day of the week.

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Re: Raw February
Posted by: birch ()
Date: February 25, 2008 02:48PM

moved over the weekend, eating was weird but also weirdly regular...

I had smoothies, almonds, seeds for breakfast, org. bananas and apples for snacks, vegan (healthy) burgers for lunches, and pizzas (H's with org. tomato sauce, etc.)with nice big salads for dinner. Also orange juice. Nothing like last weekend.
We were both pretty sick but pushed through to lease a really nice cottage in the country. lots of cough drops and naps.

Today, I am 137.0 (Sat: 136, Sun: 137). On my way to my goal of 134 on March 1.

Today, however, my sickness directed me to have a vegan (healthy buckwheat) muffin for breakfast.
Also, org. coffee, org. orange juice (fresh).

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Re: Raw February
Posted by: birch ()
Date: February 25, 2008 08:50PM

not much appetite, trying to get a lot of fruit/juices.

more fresh orange juice
big plate of honeydew, cantaloupe, watermelon and papaya

on way home:
Odwalla superfood green juice (spirilina, wheatgrass, dulse in fruit juice)
soaked almonds & seeds as usual

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Re: Raw February
Posted by: birch ()
Date: September 15, 2008 02:35PM

back... not sure if I should rename this 'diary' since it's september now. I'm only like 50-75% raw but I'd like to post here anyway as it is a motivation. Looking back I've lost 13 pounds this year if I say I started out at 140 (I think I was thereabouts) and got as low as 127, although now I am at 132. I am struggling to complete my loss before the end of the year. Hopefully raw will help if I do it right.

My goal is the same: 110. I have 22 pounds to go which is roughly 7 pounds a month. To finish before I turn 28 and a half is my only acceptable option.

Today I've had:
Bagel w. Tofu
Coffee- 24 oz.
Water mixed with 16 oz. Grapefruit Juice

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