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Re: another diabetic having a go!
Posted by: claire ()
Date: March 12, 2008 07:38PM

Day 28...

am reading BS 7.5 What? How did that happen? I never go up overnight - unless I have eaten something very fatty or heavy like a curry the night before and my stomach is still digesting and kicking out glucose after I go to bed. And I didn't eat like that last night. And I exercised yesterday evening. Am wondering if I hypoed without realising it in the night. Have a headache this morning, which isn't normal. Any ideas, anyone?

Had a veggie juice for breakfast - lots of kale, cucumber, celery, green beans, half a lime, some ginger. Gave 1 unit NR

10am BS 5.8 1/4 watermelon and 1/2 pineapple. 4 units NR

1pm lunch BS 4.1 HUNGRY!!! 4 oranges, rest of butternut squash rice, salad and avocado from last night. 2.5 units NR

4pm BS 4.8 one banana and a bulb of fennel 1 unit NR

6:30pm dinner BS 5.8 bit high...could have made use of my half units and given 1.5 at 4pm! 2 dates and a big courgette and iceberg salad with a tahini/lemon/lime/orange juice dressing. And a handful of raisins (not raw!). 1.5 units NR

8pm 4 units levemir

bedtime BS 7.8

See you tomorrow...

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Re: another diabetic having a go!
Posted by: claire ()
Date: March 13, 2008 01:16PM

Day 29...

1am BS 3.8 [sad smiley!] Not sure why that happened, went to bed at a decent level. Ate a sugar tablet and two dried apricots, wanted to avoid being too high in the morning but at the same time did not want to be hypoing again in the night.

6am BS 6.2 - messed that up but not too bad! Better than having another night-hypo anyway. Ate a banana. No insulin.

6:30am had planned to go for a bike ride, but VERY windy, so decided to go for a walk instead. Walked for 30 mins then walked with a bit of running added in for the next 30. Calf seems to be getting better [grinning smiley] Then did some weights.

9am breakfast - was in a real rush, no time to juice and anyway, found that I didn't have any celery or cucumber left [sad smiley!] Grabbed half a galia melon instead. No insulin.

11am BS 6.6 2 bananas. 2.5 units of NR

1pm lunch BS 4.5 1/2 pineapple and a big salad with aduki bean sprouts, almonds and sunflower seeds, iceberg lettuce and alfafa sprouts. 1.5 units NR

3pm BS 3.5 Oh no! Forgot that I generally need one unit less than I think at lunch time! Ate a sugar tablet and a banana.

7pm dinner BS 4.6 Not very hungry for some reason. Just nibbled on some vine tomatoes and green salad. No insulin.

8pm 4 units levemir

bedtime BS 7.3

See you tomorrow

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Re: another diabetic having a go!
Posted by: angie1 ()
Date: March 13, 2008 01:53PM

Looks like you are making massive progress and learning a lot about yourself. Great job! I enjoyed reading!

Me (30), Joseph (24 mo.) Jeremiah (4 mo.)

We are enjoying spring and being outside!!!

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Re: another diabetic having a go!
Posted by: claire ()
Date: March 14, 2008 09:47AM

Hi Angie

Thanks for the encouragement! It's up and down with diabetes, isn't it? I sometimes feel that I will never learn all there is to learn smiling smiley although like you say, you learn something new about how your body works every day.

Hope things are going well with you.


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Re: another diabetic having a go!
Posted by: claire ()
Date: March 14, 2008 10:21AM

Day 30...

am BS 4.6

Long live the lettuce!

Ate half a galia melon for breakfast today as had no veggies left in fridge for a nice green juice - now, I have found before that if I eat fruit for breakfast I am more prone to sugar cravings during the day, but today I had the mother of all cravings about half an hour after breakfast. There I was in my traffic jam on the way to work, on craving autopilot and all set to stop at the shop and get something sugary, when I decided to eat a little gem lettuce that I had in my "food bag" (boy, do I get the mickey taken out of me at work for my bag. I just blame it on being diabetic, seems to shut people up!!!). THE CRAVING WENT AWAY. Wow. I know what I will do in future if I get a sugar craving. I have tried eating nuts, eating fruit, not eating anything, but I tell you this was the best solution I have ever found. Might even try eating a lettuce for breakfast along with my juice. Yeah, it sounds weird, but I reckon it would help.

10am BS 5.9 1 apple (wow, usually need more fruit than this mid-morning...the lettuce effect???) 1 unit NR

1pm lunch BS 5.1 one apple, salad with aduki bean sprouts, pine nuts, pumpkin seeds, iceberg lettuce, red pepper. FILLING! No insulin.

3pm BS 8.1 Got that wrong! 1 banana, 3 oranges. 4.5units NR

forgot to take into account that I would be going shopping after walking...6:30pm BS 3.5 Two sugar tablets

7:30pm dinner BS 4.4 delicious salad with vine tomatoes - had been waiting for them to get really ripe and it was worth it. Also, courgette, spinach, pepper and two dates. 1.5 units NR

8pm 4 units levemir

Bed BS 6.9

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