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Just Me
Posted by: TinyFlower ()
Date: February 23, 2008 01:10AM


I was raw for a year and went to a mid place for a few months. I was thinking today...why I went raw and what I loved about it. It made me smart, and also super flexible which is great for yoga. I am going back to raw, except for eggplant at night.

I have thought about it: The reason I loosened up was a therapist told me I had an eating disorder with the raw food thing. Now I feel SO BE IT. Its a really good way to start healing.

Although that is THE TRUTH, its also true that I started going raw when my life was under a lot of pressure. Raw food helped me out. I could do so much more and remember so much more. That is important for me.

Also- I think the thing about it that is E.D. is the excitement and shame cycle that happens. I have gone to yoga for that one and am working to figure it out. smiling smiley

I always like comments; I really look up to some of you, so feel free to communicate as you please. Quesions also.

Tiny Flower

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Re: Just Me
Posted by: Discover ()
Date: February 23, 2008 11:39PM

I've had an ED that involved extremely restricted eating habits, so I can understand the effect food has on a persons mood. I've been recovered for a while now, and it's great. I finally have control of myself.

This is my first day going raw. I'm not going to set any expectations for myself. I'm just gonna see how I feel. So far I love it! I like that whole-food raw vegan meals are so simple to prepare. And I don't like cooking - perfect, lol. smiling smiley

I find it's best to listen you yourself, as you were saying. Only you know how you feel inside. The challenge now is just to be honest with yourself.

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Oh, whatever
Posted by: TinyFlower ()
Date: March 03, 2008 09:23AM


I am sure everyone on this site thinks they Don't have an eating disorder. If you think about food this much...uhhu. Yeah. Anyway. you do. Sorry.

Its cool. I am used to the "what do you mean?" about a lot of stuff. Back to me.

I feel like today women are addicted to weight issues just like men are to wierd sex like porno. Its actually addictive thinking. There's a part of you that Will Not Solve The Problem, of your body or weight. I mean other people in other countries Do Not have problems being thin. In fact its not even hot for them! Can you believe it!

Today, I am trying to give up coffee: Let me explain why.
I am raw 75 percent of the time. I do Yoga everyday. Coffee makes me totally sleepless and I am not big meditator yet so I am not ready. Plus I live above my parents office so I get freaked out by them. They could listen to "i feel lonely" and my dad would be like "go find someone off the street." I am like I am not a boy. THat's not how girls are.

On the productive side: I made KILLER CHOCOLATE COVERED PEANUTS. I want anyone with a diabetic night eating issue to try them man! Wow, they make you productive and focused and nuetral. Not sleeply or hurt at all.


Add a flavor: almond/orange/ginger: really good.

Bascially I eat totally raw except pm I have 1/2 a steamed eggplant because its not nutrition you want, but the body to be comfortable digesting. Raw food man...and I do eat strait kale, is hard to digest. I know.

So: one thing I notice about people on this site
1. high self-esteem
2. panic: people panic a lot.

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