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Healing through Raw
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: March 03, 2008 02:36AM

Hello to all!

I'm new to this site, but not new to raw veganism. I have been in the health/alternative realm for several years now, experimented with veganism, macrobiotics, liquid diets, fruit only (, and even all protein (what was I thinking??). Something, however, kept drawing me back to this way of eating, and of life.

So this is me, trying something. Actually no. This is me DOING something. I have had such a bad relationship with food and that needs to change! And I don't think anyone can come to be a raw foodist without radically altering their mind set (for the better!). I'm going to try and be diligent and journal these next few weeks. If anyone has any in put into what helped them, what they avoided, and how to live w/o a juicer and/or Vita Mix (they are still only dreams to me - I'm a poor student) I would greatly appreciate it!!

Tomorrow's proposed menu:

Pre B: grapefruit
B: Green/fruit smoothie with oil
S: apple
L: large salad w/ avocado, dressing
S: orange, 1/4 cup nuts
D: nori rolls with veggies

I'm trying to eat everything before 6:30ish, as I know how great it is to have a nice 12-14hr fast before breakfast.

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Re: Healing through Raw
Posted by: TinyFlower ()
Date: March 03, 2008 09:26AM


you sound great. I really like your honesty. I am the same: trying. Check out my journal "its just me." I am going to try to do nuts in the am at 11 am and steamed eggplant (bc its easier to digest: don't argue to the point, its yogic). I wanna do just that. I know once a psychic told me i was alright but totally dehydrated. I am going to try to drink enough water...and see if that truely is true. Imagine how cheap that would be if it is. Hey keep in touch. Yell my way. I am totally smart wierd intellegent artist. I been there.


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Re: Healing through Raw
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: March 04, 2008 03:28AM

Hi Tiny Flower! Thanks for the input!

And I am really trying to be honest, so here goes day one in actuality.

Breakfast: fruit/greens smoothie
Snack: 1 cup nuts/dried fruit (a bit much, I know, but I felt like it); apple
Lunch: large organic green salad, gaucamole, tomato
Dinner: Thai Eggplant Tofu (SO not raw)

In truth, I had a first date sprung on me, and the meal was vegan, so I opted to have it. I usually would scarf the entire thing down, feel horrible about it then, and then guilt trip myself at home afterword. But this time, I ate until I was SATISFIED (that being the key word), enjoyed it for what it was, and allowed myself to be okay with. I mean, come on, who knew that I was going to be going out this eve? But let's not hope in the future that my morals can be swayed by a cute guy with a nice bod. Hah! :-)

Tomorrow's a new day, and I've kale and fresh fruit in the fridge/freezer for a great smoothie tomorrow!

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Re: Healing through Raw
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: March 05, 2008 02:33AM

So I DID stay 100% raw today! IT WAS HARD.

I woke up late, but I was feeling kind of sick, so I didn't feel too guilty about it.

B: 3/4 cups cashews, mango (so delish!)
S: kale/fruit smoothie; mango/pineapple
D: Salad with sprouts, tomato, raw dressing
S: raw food bar, grapefruit, enough cashews to cholk a mule.

I think I was stress eating in the's most definitely the most stressful time for me. PLUS, I have a few dates this week, school work, and it's getting to be a bit much! But I WILL persevere!!

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Re: Healing through Raw
Posted by: jacks ()
Date: March 06, 2008 01:22AM


I I noticed that you no longer put out your weight. I am 5ft 7inches and I weight 138, But that is because i have scaled down going to the gym for the past week, i am always wondering if i will get too thin if i go to the gym as much as i use to go now that i am on this raw food way of eating. I did not post for three days because i though i would take a break but my body was not doing well, i was actually cravifng raw foods. can you believe that. Today i did well. i had fruits, raw oats, nuts and nuts. I feel fine, tomorrow i will try to eat mostly veg. my roommate is on a diet, and we are trying to see who will look and feel better within the next nine days, i will let you know what happens. i am anxious to go back to my exercise routine while i am eating raw because i really want to see what my body will do. i will tell you about it. I enjoy reading your journal. take care. jackie

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Re: Healing through Raw
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: March 06, 2008 02:40AM

It was snowing when I woke up this morning, so that cancelled out my plans to going to the gym. And, since Jacks is right, I haven't posted my height and weight, I might as well! I am doing this mainly for health, but it'd be nice to see some weight come off! I'm 5'10" and 156lbs. I'd like to get down to around 140lbs, but we'll see how it goes. I'm mainly focused on remaing raw, so if that means we're uping the nuts and avocado's enough to feed a small family, I'm willing to do that!

Today's intake:
B: Kale/frozen fruit smoothie; tea (8:30am)
L: 2 grapefruits; salad with guacamole (1:30pm)
S: 1 cup nuts and raisins (3:30pm)
D: 2 mangos; nori rolls with gaucamole (9:30pm) - I just got out of a concert, and actually wasn't that hungry. Those walnuts pack a mean satiety punch.

I picked up some chard and parsley for upcoming shakes, and I'm packing some pineapple and apple tomorrow as well. I am liking my fruit intake, but I could stand to shake it up in the main meal dpt. I mean, I love salads, but I need to make some nut pate or something like that to keep myself in the game. I am also going to have to start budgeting or else I am likely to be the healthiest hobo on the road (sans household due to raw vegan monetary encounters).

I'm feeling pretty good, but I've paired this transition with a deep tea cleanse (Flor-Essence) and I'm sporting some nice spots on the facial region. Argh!! But, perhaps I'll get in some sauna time this week and really sock it to the pores, as well as maybe take in some chlorophyll to help detox. I keep telling myself that there is a vibrant, clear skinned and energetic individual at the end of this cleansing period, so I'm making that my mantra.

Tomorrow, I have school and then work, so I'd better go and plan some meals. Cheers!

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