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i used to eat the SAD...but now I can't go back
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: March 16, 2008 03:35AM

I quit smoking about 3 months ago because i suffer from athsma, I'm overweight and have suffered ongoing back pain. After about 6 weeks I felt way better. I didn't even think about picking up cigarettes. I think it was this epiphany-as well as quest for even BETTER health, that led me to this living and raw foods lifestyle.

I realized, "I'm constantly irritable, so tired I could cry, and beyond exhausted-even though I have been on antidepressants for 2 years!!"

I, like most americans, am sick of being sick, tired, depressed, uncomfortable, overweight, and full of aches and pains. I am 25 years old, recently married with my whole life ahead of me...which is why although I have been a little bit moody, cranky, and breaking out in some skin irritations, I will continue on every day. No matter how well I ate the previous day. As weird as it sounds my back feels a little bit better and I feel more of myself.

It's encouraging to know that it will only get better GUARANTEED. At this point, I am eating no processed starches or sugars. I feel lighter, I am lighter actually. I think I've lost about 15 pounds since I started about 3 weeks ago. I think it was all sitting in my intestines!

I am well aware that detox is something that I will have to succumb to, and I am happy to release all this yucky stuff that is coming to the surface. I have come to the conclusion that, for a time yet to be determined, I am going to limit my raw intake to about 70 %. Annnnd, the rest will be cooked warm food.

I am having a difficult time giving up cooked food-especially when I am cold, or the weather is frigid. There is something that is comforting about it. I eat cooked whole foods at night so there is more time(and energy) for my body to digest.

Successfully, I have managed to stop eating all dairy and meat. Meat wasn't too difficult since I'm not partial to it anyway. Dairy, however, is a different story. Oh my gosh I used to eat quesadillas any chance I got. Because it was comforting, of course.

I've been using the following as transition foods:

70% or more chocolate(within reason)
lots of garlic
hummus(within reason when I want something creamy)
lara bars(when I have a sweet tooth-pecan pie, chocolate mint, and cashew are my faves)
Figs and dates fill my sweet tooth as well

I feel a change uprising within myself and I love it. I cannot explain it just yet-but I dont feel like I'm on a "diet". I don't feel like I am being deprived. Unlike ever before.

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Re: i used to eat the SAD...but now I can't go back
Posted by: perpending ()
Date: March 16, 2008 07:31PM

I had a similar experience losing 17lbs in two weeks. One thing I found helpful was after dextoxing was colonics. Everyone is different, however. I hope the best for you in your journey. (I agree...the Pecan Pie Lara Bars are amazing!)

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Re: i used to eat the SAD...but now I can't go back
Posted by: maui_butterfly ()
Date: March 19, 2008 04:52AM

yay AOAM! congratulations on taking radical self-responsibility for your health and wellbeing. you're right, you'll never go back to being sick and tired once you get through with being sick and tired. its only a matter of time. good luck to you, and i'll see you around the boards...

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Re: i used to eat the SAD...but now I can't go back
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: March 20, 2008 01:05AM

thank you for your encouragement and suggestions!!i have been thinking about doing colonics. I am not sure how to go about it...when and how often etc. I've heard that it can put a damper on the negative detox effects..
Unfortunately I am SICK. ughhh I started getting a sore throat yesterday morning and by the afternoon i had a temp of 101. It is probably a combination of my detox and my current job( i work with toddlers) I went and saw an md and she confirmed i don't have strep which is a plus. I've only had a banana, orange, and an apple-plus about 2 cups of cooked edamame. I know they aren't that good for you. i felt like I needed salt or something.
I am on hoping with more sleep I will feel alot better by tomorrow. most of the aches have subsided. does anyone have suggestions on what to eat when you are craving a warm meal? other than tea? I'm open to anything. thanx

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Re: i used to eat the SAD...but now I can't go back
Posted by: perpending ()
Date: March 21, 2008 04:49AM

I am a firm believer in listening to your body. I haven't been raw for long, but I have a background with ear, nose, and throat issues (traditional speech and audiology training). If you are sick, I can't see the issue with drinking something will help in fact. One thing that is great (although it may sting just a tad) is water, lemon, ginger, and honey. Another great tea is "throat coat" If you can't eat, much try some vegetable broth. If you are very concerned with staying raw, just warm your water instead of boiling it. I think the magic number is 180 degrees. I hope you are getting your rest.

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