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raw food and fertility
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: March 18, 2008 10:04AM

hi everyone,
hello to healthy people : )

i am a 20 year old girl, i have a big health issue about raw foods : (
since i go raw, i have lost my period. (which is the reflection of a woman's health : fertility)

it has been 8 months, and i am really worried about it.

have you had / heard an experience like that ?
or do i have a serious health problem since going raw? : (

thank you ,


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Re: raw food and fertility
Posted by: brenna ()
Date: March 18, 2008 10:00PM

I've actually had the opposite experience. After struggling for a year to get pregnant, I went raw and was pregnant within a month.
If you are drastically underweight you may stop getting your period. I have also read that a lot of women who go raw stop getting their periods as well and that it's not neccessarily a bad thing. I would hit up some of the raw food sites out there, I know there's info, I'm just at work and can't track them down now.

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Re: raw food and fertility
Posted by: rwillow76 ()
Date: April 03, 2008 12:10PM

I'm not a doctor by any means. However I have read a ton on raw food. Some of the material I have read suggests that our periods are a way of detoxing. So depending on how long you have been raw, the cleaner your body is, the less need for this detoxing period. I have read that alot of women who are mostly raw will see a decrease in their period, both the severity and the # of days. Those raw foodists who are hard core 100% raw alot of times will just stop having a period all together. They are not bleeding but they are still fertile and able to reproduce.Personally, I can't wait to NOT have a period. I'm just sick of those pesky little buggers!

But you should see a doctor. It may be something else. Who knows?

River Willow

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Re: raw food and fertility
Posted by: perpending ()
Date: April 06, 2008 01:22AM

I have been about 75% raw since February. I used to have very painful and heavy periods. My March menses there was no pain and my period was substantially lighter and shorter (3 days instead of 6). This month I had 2 days of a mucus like discharge and two days of a very light period. I was wondering the same. Is this "normal"? Fertility is not an issue for me now, but at 32 I'll need to be deciding if I want to be fertile soon. Any other women out there who have been raw and have had their menses change? Did fertility become and issue?

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Re: raw food and fertility
Posted by: Context ()
Date: April 23, 2008 04:16AM

yes... the period is just a detox, the sicker the woman... the worse her period is. That is why a woman can get pregnant, without having her first period.

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