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Eat The Rich
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: April 20, 2008 06:55PM

Introduce yourself!

I am no vegetarian, considering this site I do eat more than 50% vegetarian. I do eat meat and I do eat it raw. You´ve heard of the steak tartare, right?
Well actualy you make it a lot of different ways, the meat I usually include is beef,lamb and dear.
I also eat chicken (beware of em bones!) and fat fish. There is a sushi place in Stockholm called raw, and I think that is a lie coz the sushi is the rice, right? And you could make a raw sushi, I am gonna trywinking smiley.

I have eliminated milk for the time beeing from my diet. One part of the reason it is that all milk you can get here (Malmoe) is pasteurized.
I think of gluten as a drug (and I am against illegalisation), as strong as opium. I recomend those of you who consume gluten regularly (like wheat, barley, oat and rye) to stop for a couple of months, like most opiates when u are used to the effect, u don't even notice. So when u held up for atelest a month, half a year should be great, try it, and notice the effect!

My expirience with raw-cooking (I did run an eco-cafe for a year), is that blanching is the best way to heat your vegetables and rice. I have tried it even with oil ie boil vegetables for about 10 sek in oil. I don´t think this heatens most of the vegetable to above limit temperature, of course it depends on how big pieces you have cut it into (10 sek in oil is for average size carrots cut ½inch 'coins'). For rice in water the time is a bit lower, 5 sek is usually what u need (post 40 hours of lying in saltwater)

My first idea with cooking raw, was that the tap-water usually gets to atlesst 45C (115 F) and that u should be able to make an oven with only this source of heat. Still the long time heating i think would give less nourishment than the flashy blanching. When I did eat regularycooked food i used to love steamcooked and butter staeked veggies. the butter steaking u can do by the hotwater-method i described, this marinates the veggies more than anything else though. The steamcooking I haven´t tried yet. I will update when I havesmiling smiley

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