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Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: April 29, 2008 05:25PM

Hi everyone !!

I am pleased to say that i am trying to eat moe raw food !! I have had lots of problems with stress, lethargy and constipation and have gradually improved my diet over the last 1yr 1/2. For about a week now i have been eating about 70-80% raw. I am enjoying it so far though i am worried i may get bored with it because i am not very good at spending time looking at recipes and ofcourse making these dishes. I need simplicity but interesting - i am a single parent with 2 small boys and work part-time. The effects are showing though, i do feel lighter and my bowel movements are better. I do have another issue - I go to my parents house once a week for dinner, which my mother cooks things to death, with lots of salt etc and processed food and aditives etc. I think i am going to have trouble in asking her just to make me up a raw meal (i work all day on the day we go to her house for dinner). I suffered with anorexia as a teenager and if i ever go weird on food (as far as they are concerned anyways) then they make me feel very uncomfortable about it that i find it easier just to go with their flow. I am 38 and a grown women but you know we all tend to still be little children to them. A part of me just says - for once a week its ok to eat one of her meals, but a part of me doesnt.

Anyways i hope i can keep this up beause i just know it is the best way for my health and vitality ! i am very much in to spirituality and currently going to see a aspiritual healer and raw eating is already helping me feel moe connected and i hope it will help me find a place within myself where i can be `truely` happy - i`m on that right path anyways !!

Hope you are all happy out there !!


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