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New dog seems to either have anxiety or mild epilipsy
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: April 27, 2009 10:47AM


I am a former Animal control officer that has just adopted a great loving Pit bull.

However, upon observing his behavior on the first night ( I know the first night is the hardest and we were woken up on the phone at 2 am by some crying woman asking who I was, and the 7 people who live upstairs at 12 am)

He loves raw beef stew meat, not liver so much, raw pigs feet, raw marrow bones. Tommorrow I am giving raw salmon for his breakfast. He is very eager to please, and has a pleasent disposition.... but I notices his breathing rate to be high and he seems to have trouble relaxing and has gone into slight fits, so I mixed a 2 mg tablet of Klonapin with a bit of pb and gave him a bone and love, and he seems to have calmed down.

I have heard that potassium bromide is good for this... perhaps I could feed him raw salmon, bananas seaweed dark meat turkey, sunflower seeds, sweet potatoe papaya ect mashed up with his raw meat to help cure this naturally.

I know chocolate and avocados ect are allergic so please do not respond like that,,, lol

any other suggestions besides taking him to the vet?

His poo looks good so far. Should I teach him Yoga? lol When I play the ohm chant cd he seems to like it.....

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Re: New dog seems to either have anxiety or mild epilipsy
Posted by: veghead4life ()
Date: June 16, 2009 08:47PM

do not feed raw salmon it has a dangerous parasite in it. If your dog has seizures take to a vet first.

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