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Posted by: Mislu ()
Date: July 02, 2007 05:34AM

What is the best living foods for goldfish? I got one of my goldfish an aquatic plant, a guy at a pet shop said they were good for goldfish. I don't think we understood each other very well. I thought I was clear about it being food for the fish...she never touched the plant ever! I think he suggested a plant which will decorate the tank and not disappear from being eaten!

Sometime ago I got some frozen daphnea, which my fished loved. I wish I knew how to grow those, but I would need a second tank which would mean more work. I suppose i could get a larger tank and fill it with appropriate plants and she could eat when and what she pleases!

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Re: Goldfish
Posted by: WorkoutMan ()
Date: July 28, 2007 08:56PM

Hi, Im new here. But I have been keepping fish since I was 8 (13years). You can try feeding your fish lettuce and raw green peas along with a comercial fish food. Keep in mind you will have to chop the pieces up small enough so that your fish dosesn't choke.(Depending on the size of your fish). This is not time consuming because you will not need to feed very much unless your fish is big (6"+). Also if you decide to use peas, Make sure you split them (into the little halves and remove the little shell, and then chop up more). Depending on the size of your fish, one pea might be too much food for one meal.

Goldfish are omnivores but plants form a large portion of their diet. They have long digestive systems. When I had a pond with 4 medium sized goldfish(5"winking smiley they would eat small insects that would fall in. How ever one fish almost choked on a large ant. Its worth it for you to do some research, its been along time since Ive keept goldfish.

If you have any questions about keeping fish, just ask.


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Re: Goldfish
Posted by: Mislu ()
Date: September 20, 2007 07:27PM

I have a lionhead goldfish, I used to have two. But one died from unknown causes. We tried to feed it some frozen daphnae, and that sort of helped, but she still died. The other one looks healthier since the other one died, but now shes starting to behave like the one that died.

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