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Posted by: rubyjewel ()
Date: August 23, 2007 07:22AM

Hi everyone, Here is a website I found a few days back [] I found it to be quite resourceful & thought it would be nice to share it with you all. They have a free article library with lots of good stuff. Another great site I found through them is []. They too have a very nice range of information for people and pets. One thing they have is BioSuperfood which looks to be like an amazing product. Here's what Biosuperfood is for those that are interested:

These whole food products contain a synergistic blend of 4 micro algae (including Spirulina) and are far superior to the Spirulina products found in health food stores (20X better). They were developed through over 20 years of research by Russian scientist Dr. Michael Kiriac. Dr. Kiriac's research mandate from the government was to find a way to treat cancer. He was also personally motivated to find a treatment since he had lost 5 members of his family to a genetic form of pancreatic cancer. After years of research with all kinds of isolated vitamins and supplements, as well as chlorella, Spirulina and other micro algae, he discovered a blend of 4 species of micro algae that was able to halt cancer in many of the research animals. This is the formula now available as BioPreparation for animals. Dr. Kiriac later modified the blend for humans which is sold as BioSuperfood. Dr. Kiriac's bio-algae concentrates were successfully used to treat victims of the Chernobyl accident in the Soviet Union. Since Dr. Kiriac started feeding BioSuperfood to his family members, no one else has died of pancreatic cancer.

If you do decide to get this product please mention my name & help me get more of it *smiles*


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