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keeping stray puppy but need HELP with food choices...
Posted by: tiffany martinez ()
Date: October 05, 2007 12:18PM

I have a new puppy... it was a stray and the lady down the road brought it to me cause she moved to public housing and can't have animals ( awful isn't that?)

Well, she said a man drove up in a car and threw out 3 pu ppies... this is one of them... she had already given away the other two, hubby said he woujld have taken all three ( WOAH he DOES have a tender heart)

well, i wont' buy dog food ( no matter HOW Much flack my man gives me lol) So i cooked a big pot of rice added a little cold pressed olive oil, and added FINELY chopped potatoes, carrots and celery.

Anyone know what elsed i can be adding to this meal ( or if this meal is even a good one)? he is MAYBE 8 weeks old, and i plan to feed him about 1/2 to 1 cup three times a day.

I am thinking of raw egg once a day ( added to top of rice), flax seeds and raw meat ( such as parts not used when i dismember for my cooked family)

I would really appreciate any advice. HE is a german shepherd/husky mix and adorable.. i will figure out how to post pics.

thanks in advance

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Re: keeping stray puppy but need HELP with food choices...
Posted by: inspirit ()
Date: October 08, 2007 07:59AM

If you juice, the pulp makes a good base for dogfood. Adding egg is good, including the shell. Puppies need more fat than grown dogs.

Here's a good source of info for you to get started:

Good luck with the pup, looking forward to pictures!

inspirit - aka coolkarma

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Re: keeping stray puppy but need HELP with food choices...
Posted by: aquadecoco ()
Date: October 08, 2007 05:01PM

I know someone who got a german shep. cross as a pup. He only fed her very cheap raw chicken cuts - don't remember what, but it was the cheapest stuff from a local butcher in Chinatown. He was never a softie on dogs, so she lived outside in all but the very coldest weather. He's extremely cheap with his own food, to the extent that he eats things I would never dream of eating - old food, etc. - just to tell you that the dog's diet was based on his farming experience and on cheapness; he didn't think about her natural diet.

Btw , this guy was quite aware of natural things in most ways - quite intuitive and respectful of nature, etc, so I don't understand why he didn't include diet in his reasoning. He 'talked' to his dogs and understood them far beyond most people. He taught me to understand some of the language of cats and dogs - his learned it from his mother.

The dog was very healthy, never requiring vet treatments, was energetic, obedient, intelligent, for years. Then he gave the dog to someone who refused to feed her raw and within about 2 months or so, the dog changed in every way. She became lethargic, fearful and showed all kinds of physical symptoms, (I don't remember exactly what ). Both the original owner and the new owner were sooo perplexed about the changes, since they came on within a few weeks. It wasn't the change of home, since the dog already knew and had been in the new place many times and with the same people. She seemed really happy there.

But they didn't want to believe the diet made the difference.

I'm not saying the dog had the ideal diet, I'm just reporting this anecdote, because even I was surprised at everything that happened, though I had been a fan of raw animal food for decades.

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