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Natural Cure for H. Pylori?
Posted by: MY*ID ()
Date: October 24, 2008 02:36AM

I just got my blood test results. Everything seems in the "normal" range with exception that I tested positive for Candida and H.Pylori. I pretty much knew that I had the candida from symptoms...but the H. Pylori came as a big shock!
I realize that there are many posts dealing with Candida, but how about H Pylori? I think I wound up with Candida from 3 rounds of antibiotics last year when I had my wisdom teeth out, and the doc said I will need an extra strong course of MORE antibiotics to clear up the Pylori!!! My instincts are telling me NOT to go with this idea...but what is the alternative? Wind up with stomach cancer from this nasty bacteria that is living inside of me? Anyone have experience with this? Any advice?
Thank you for any comments.

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Re: Natural Cure for H. Pylori?
Posted by: EZ rider ()
Date: October 24, 2008 05:09AM

Here's an interesting article about H. pylori: []
I wonder what effect water fasting followed by probiotics would have on H. pylori ?

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Re: Natural Cure for H. Pylori?
Posted by: arugula ()
Date: October 24, 2008 09:00AM

[I just got my blood test results.]

Did you go to a real doctor?

If not, I would be very skeptical about these results.

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Re: Natural Cure for H. Pylori?
Posted by: Jake6 ()
Date: November 19, 2008 09:26PM

Cayenne pepper is very good for pylori?

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Re: Natural Cure for H. Pylori?
Posted by: Lollipop ()
Date: November 23, 2008 08:17PM

My organic chemistry professor has done a lot of research on garlic, and this is what she recommends for h. pylori.

This is also backed up by peer-reviewed research. For example:

"Phytoceuticals such as Korean red ginseng, green tea, red wine, flavonoids, broccoli sprouts, garlic, probiotics and flavonoids are known to inhibit H. pylori colonization" PMID: 18956590

"Among the plants that killed H. pylori, turmeric was the most efficient, followed by cumin, ginger, chilli, borage, black caraway, oregano and liquorice. Moreover, extracts of turmeric, borage and parsley were able to inhibit the adhesion of H. pylori strains to the stomach sections." PMID: 16437723

(PMID - is the pubmed number of the studies, if you want to look them up yourself.)

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Re: Natural Cure for H. Pylori?
Posted by: Tamukha ()
Date: November 23, 2008 09:02PM


If you don't have heartburn or ulcer symptoms, you probably don't have an overgrowth. In order to maintain proper functioning and acidity in the stomach, there should be a certain ratio of H. Pylori in the duodenum at all times--erradicating it causes an imbalance! Lollipop's suggestions seem REALLY comprehensive and easy[Thanks, Lollipop!]. The herbs are all anti-fungals, too, so they should help keep candida in check, as well.

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Re: Natural Cure for H. Pylori?
Posted by: Lollipop ()
Date: November 24, 2008 11:27AM

You're welcome!

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Re: Natural Cure for H. Pylori?
Posted by: C. Dove ()
Date: November 24, 2008 11:36AM

Here are John McDougall's Comments on H.Pylori:

H. Pylori
In 1982 two physicians isolated bacteria in the stomach tissues of patients with gastritis (chronic inflammation of the stomach linings). Subsequently, these bacteria, known as Helicobacter pylori or H. pylori, has been found to be involved in most patients with stomach and duodenal ulcer disease. H. pylori can be found in the stomachs of 70% to 90% of people in developing countries.15 In developed countries, like the USA, 25% to 50% of people are infected. Most infections begin in childhood and spread appears to be from feces of infected persons. The common housefly may also be an important vector. All chronically infected persons show signs of gastritis on endoscopy examination, but most people have no symptoms.

Despite the fact that the main cause of duodenal ulcer incidence and recurrence is the Helicobacter pylori bacterium, more than 80% of Helicobacter pylori-infected people never develop an ulcer. H. pylori is probably an "innocent bystander" for most patients, but the bacteria may sufficiently impair the defenses of the antral and duodenal mucosa to facilitate the development and relapse of ulcer disease in subsets of patients.16,17 Adequate nutrition, especially frequent consumption of fruits and vegetables and of vitamin C, appears to protect against infection with H. pylori.18,19 Of interest, extracts of a variety of plants, such as garlic, thyme, and East African herbal plants, inhibit the growth of H. pylori in the test tube.20-23 Whether such extracts will prove useful in the treatment of infected patients remains to be demonstrated.

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