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I am at Ann Wigmore!
Posted by: rawrnr ()
Date: December 27, 2008 04:17PM

I am at ANN WIGMORE \!!!

Been here for 5 days now till the 3rd!

Here is what has happened so far...


After arriving here a day late due to delayed and missed flights I have completed DAY 1.
Morning I missed yoga and slept in.
I got some breakfast from the kitchen, I took a whole bowl of the energy soup, and another of the papaya, and some seed cheese.
The “soup” was OK…some people were having a hard time getting it down, but I guess from all the green smoothies and juices I drink the taste was not too bad…
I attended ½ of the chew your food class. It was OK.
Ummm…after that they spoke about cultured foods…big on the saurkrout and rejuvelac.
Didn’t know you could make rejuvelac out of sourkrout…

Lunch was the same as breakfast. I helped myself to seconds….

The “lesson” in the afternoon was on enemas and implants…..I made it clear that I was not interested and they told me that to do this lifestyle this was an important part of it…I am still not interested. I was so focused on cleaning my bowl for about a year…..I did 2 mastercleanses…the blessed herbs..the P&B shakes..juice fasted…did a live flush..more P&B…more fasting…
The last time I was concerned about being “clean” inside was when I went for a few colon hydrotherapy sessions
Once I was fasting and went in on day 2…got the @#$%& out and went easily into not eating..I had another on day 10 of this fast…NOTHING but a @#$%& the size of my thumb!!
I fasted again later that year…Really wanting to get “it” out….pounds and pounds of impacted fecal matter “they said”….so after fasting for 10 days in juice and taking Lax Tea…..I decided to do a colonic…I knew that cayenne pepper loosens things up in there, so I drank maple syrup with HUGE TABLESPOONS of cayenne in it…
Well,,,,all we saw coming out of my session was the CAYENNE and some mucus..LOADS of cayenne…we were both in shock how much came out!
it was kinda funny..
BUT NO @#$%&!!!!!!!!!
At $70.00 a pop…I really felt like I was getting RIPPED OFF!!

I have been reading a lot of Doug Graham and he does not support any time of forced elimination even when he water fasts in Costa Rica….am I right?
Anyway….I decided then that I was no longer going to do this again…I mean who can afford $70.00 a shot for NOTHING????

If I was sick maybe, but I am perfectly healthy!!
yawning smiley))

Dinner…more energy soup…as much as we want…some blended carrots with other veggies in seed cheese….papaya, ginger and lemons, dulse falkes…saurkrout..

I was afraid I was going to be hungry, but surprising enough, I ‘m not hungry AT ALL!
Those greens must be SO NUTRITIOUS that I am full!!
It’s like when I am drinking a liter or 2 of green juice…just fills you up!!

A nice breathing class to end it, I fell asleep!!
winking smiley

WHEATGRASS..I CANNOT stand it!! I bought a GREENSTAR to drink it at home..MY GOD my body just totally rejects it..I get chills just smelling it!! The smell puts my body on the kinda defense that tells me – I AM GONNA PUKE!!....

SO, I haven’t had any yet..I did smell it and it was NASTY!!
So instead I put it all over my body and face!!

I can drink E3Live with lemon ok..but the wheatgrass….

Why do you think that is?


End of day 2 of our blended food only day – we spoke about digestion, made energy soup with a Kelash – he put ½ a HUGE avocado in it..people were loving it!!

I have no problem eating the soup…

I LOVE sunflower sprouts and as long as the collards (YUK) are few, I am good, They also had a mixture of mango, banana, green onions and seed cheese mixed up – it was YUMMY!! With papaya of course

We touched upon food combining…I asked why they serve seed cheese with papaya….to help people deal with the taste of the energy soup..but is is bad combining….guess it is up to me to resist….ya right!!
winking smiley

We had a group meeting on self love…same stuff I say to my Physical Education students…

She had a binch of great books to show us, but we could not take them to read…I suggested they have a library for us to use with all the books they recommend…she said that people take them….

I had a grat nap on my hammok,,,thank GOD I have a whole apartment to myself, I cannot imagine how terrible the bunk is!!

I drank some wheat grass today with watermelon juice,,,,got it down, later I had some with coconut water…yuk!! So I added a it down…Wheatgrass juice is like water here!!
I poured a few ounces on my scalp and face…letting it marinate now!!

I went for a run this morning..30 min…the heat was killing me!!
Will attempt to go for another tomorrow!!
Did some Yoga on my own…
Had a nap…

My lymph nodes on my neck are a bit swollen….i was told to ask the chiropractor who is also the kitchen manager…all he said was come and get adjusted…GIMMIE a break!
It’s detox everyone is saying…dunno…I have been high raw for a long time….but not 100%..
tongue sticking out smiley

The beach is very disappointing, The tide is SO HIGH that you cannot lay on the sand….the water is SO ROUGH that you cannot go in it unless you are a professional swimmer…it throws you around like NOTHING!

It’s xmas eve..I phoned my daughter and Steve….I miss her SO MUCH, but know that she is VERY well taken care of by people who love her as much as I do.

Tomorrow is our last day of blended foods only…
I was expecting to be hungry..but am not…the soup is so nourishing that it is filling…I usually have 1 whole bowl of blended papaya and 2 bowls of energy soup with sour krout and the seed cheese mixture…I was putting a @#$%& load of dulse flakes on it, but will try to stay away from salt from now on..


Last day of blended food only!!
Still not used to the wheat grass…I can only drink 4 oz a day max….diluted in lime juice or wit ginger..but still GROSS…Body does not want it, I will not continue at home…
I am getting sick of the blended papaya too… ☹
We made our own sauces today…groups of group did, mango, red peppers, tomatoe, avo, basil and dehydrated celery…
YUP – it was the tastiest!!

CANNOT go wrong with mangoes!!!
Had a class in chewing your food…but the food is BLENDED!!!
Music on a CD, every minute a bell would ring, signaling us to swallow…ya right…I lasted 30 sec max the whole time….the saliva really made the food gross in my mouth so I had to swallow!!

IT did slow me down though, I usually gulp down green smooties…

Today we talked about food combining, normal Vs abnormal colons. This evening we had an xmas celebration, like a talent show. It was REALLY nice..the ppl here are just amazing, Lolita must be about 80 years old and still runs the place..what a wonderful soul with a GREAT VOICE!!

I went for a walk on the beach…

IT is SO EASY being raw here…I do not crave ANYTHING…must be the energy soup…will see how close I can do that at home…I am thinking GREEN SMOOTHIES!!
I cannot imagine growing my own sprouts!! ( the plant ones)

Tomorrow I cannot WAIT for food that is NOT blended!!!


Blended food for breakfast

Guacomole for lunch full of veggies
Sprout salad
Mango/pumpkin sauce
Energy soup

Blended usual

Getting used to this food…

Day 5!!
Finally on the computer!!

We are off on the weekends - no classes!
Going into town to watch a movie 2nite

We had a nice fake TOona today with sprouts for lunch
I ate pineapple and papaya for breakfast..
Drank 3 ox of wheatgrass with a whole lemon....its ok like that..

not drinking rejuvalac...yet..

went for a 40 min run..

that;s it..

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Re: I am at Ann Wigmore!
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: December 27, 2008 05:15PM

Thank you for this totally honest post. I was curious as to how tolerable the diet AW prescribes to would be. Please keep posting.

p.s. How bearable are the accommodations since most are without air conditioning?

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Re: I am at Ann Wigmore!
Posted by: debbietook ()
Date: December 28, 2008 02:33AM

And another big thank you from me for taking the trouble to share your experiences.

Comes over as a very honest account. You say what you like, say what you're not so keen on, but overall seem to be having a great experience!

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Re: I am at Ann Wigmore!
Posted by: Meditating ()
Date: December 28, 2008 05:30AM

Thanks for sharing. I know what you mean about the enemas. I am all for a light coffee enema, but that is done to clean the liver and not the colon. I don't buy the colon cleanse hype anymore. I eat raw and, like you, I did a 14 day water fast and clearly if nothing is going in then nothing is coming out.

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Re: I am at Ann Wigmore!
Posted by: Jose ()
Date: December 28, 2008 07:13AM

Hey, thanks for sharing, interesting to read about your experience, thank you!


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Re: I am at Ann Wigmore!
Posted by: brian1cs ()
Date: December 28, 2008 08:37AM

Thanks for sharing. Interesting read.

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Re: I am at Ann Wigmore!
Posted by: Sundancer ()
Date: December 28, 2008 10:59AM

Yeah, thanks! I have a good friend with health problems who is going down for a few MONTHS! I am so excited for her. Her bro is footing the bill, which is great, because she hasn't been able to work for years because of her health problems. She's been before and loves it, so she knows what she is in for. Hey, keep us posted; I'm really interested to see how it goes.

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Re: I am at Ann Wigmore!
Posted by: rawrnr ()
Date: December 28, 2008 03:28PM

OH good I am glad you are enjoying!!

Yesterday we went into town for a movie...Benjamin Button..yup Brad Pitt...brought back memories of Thelma and Louise....amazing what make up and lighting can do..

The Cheif Mike and I went for a bike ride today..I am so grateful that he got me outta this is really in the middle of nowhere....the beach is not really usable right now...winds are STRONG..the sand feels like its whipping into your skin!! the Waves are big...Ocean is angry...
Here comes 2012?

So, we went for a 2 hour ride, I say some BEAUTIFUL beach areas as well as the town of Aguadilla..very cute!!
Stopped at a street vendor for coconut water..YUMMY!!!

Really made my day getting outta here....

We got back and he showed me a NONI tree....ulgy fruit!! I have one to ripen..not sure it will before I leave though..he said they are GROSS ...

I did eat the MOST delish fruit yesterday with papaya!!
Cheesecake fruit I think it's called??
They made a HUGE bowl of blended and cut up cheesecake fruit with papaya!!
I had 3 BIG bowls!!
People were like much sugar!!
People here are afraid of sugar!!
I LOVE fruit!
I am eating energy soup and sprouted sunflower plants...
We also had crepe's today for Bfast...wish it was FRUIT...
The crepes were ok..but filled with seed cheese....bits of mango on them with a yummy strawvberry sauce!!

lunch was sprouted salad - sunflower seeds, alfalfa, tabouli (quinoa) and strawberry sauce, with energy soup...
It was good!

Snack was bananas and oranges!!
I have not had bananas since I got here, I am used to 5-10 a DAY!!
The mosquitoes have been eating me leggs are FULL of bumps!!
They NEVER bite me!!!
THey hate bananas!!

The 2 I had for snack were outta this comparing tomatoes out of the garden with the ones from the store....
The bananas were SO SWEET YUMMY I have never tasted a better banana EVER!!

The oranges are good, lighter then the ones back home and FULL of seeds!!!!

I am quite bored today....nothing to do around here..THANK GOD for that bike ride!

Tomorrow is going to be an all blended day...
tongue sticking out smiley

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Re: I am at Ann Wigmore!
Posted by: pakd4fun ()
Date: December 28, 2008 08:30PM

Great posts! Thanks for sharing!

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Re: I am at Ann Wigmore!
Posted by: suvine ()
Date: December 29, 2008 02:45PM

Tell Chef Mike I said HI

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Re: I am at Ann Wigmore!
Posted by: rawrnr ()
Date: December 29, 2008 02:47PM

it's the afternoon of the blended 6 for me..

skipped the yoga and went for a 55 min run instead.

ran on the beach road that I biked on yesterday. felt very safe compared to running on the other roads...

If your an experienced runner and are running towards oncoming traffic it is not very dangerous.

It's not the traffic that made me feel unsafe...

But running towards and on the beach side street is cool..maybe because people who live that way have more $$ ?

Lots of stray dogs and cats...sad
sad smiley

Ate blended papaya and banana and Ginger for breakfast..wish they didn't out the ginger in there...

Put a bowl in the fridge for later.
Ate the soup/papaya for lunch

I was hungry after my shower so I went and ate the papaya and banana bowl I had in the fridge.

I keep bugging the chief to make LASAGNA ...
Cross my fingers,,,


PS - Yup, no air's pretty cool here right now, maybe because it's winter..
I have a fan in my room..I turn it on at night not so much to keep me cool but the low hum drowns out bug noise at night and rooster noise in the early morning.

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Re: I am at Ann Wigmore!
Posted by: suvine ()
Date: December 29, 2008 02:53PM

Tell Chef Mike I said Hi OK?

I spent all my time in bed, I see you are active..

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 12/29/2008 02:54PM by suvine.

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Re: I am at Ann Wigmore!
Posted by: rawrnr ()
Date: December 29, 2008 02:55PM

I will!!!!

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Re: I am at Ann Wigmore!
Posted by: brian1cs ()
Date: December 29, 2008 08:59PM

Rawrnr, I enjoy reading about your sojourn. Thanks for posting.

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Re: I am at Ann Wigmore!
Posted by: la_veronique ()
Date: December 29, 2008 10:30PM

i don't know who chef mike is
but he sounds like a decent chap
say hello from me as well

heee heeesmiling smiley

hey rawrnr

u said that the mosquitoes never bite you but then you got bumps all over from mosquitoes

did u mean that they never bit you previous to you coming to ann wigmore's?

mosquitoes love to bite me
don't know why

my friend says its cuz i'm sweet and they love sweet blood

i don't know what to believe
but it sounded like a decent enough compliment

so i took it

smiling smiley

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Re: I am at Ann Wigmore!
Posted by: rawrnr ()
Date: December 30, 2008 12:47PM

the mosquitoes are biting me like never b4 because I am not eating banana's..I eat about 4-12 bananas a DAY back home...they do not bite when I eat them...

Today - best day ever so far!!

We had a DESSERT lab - get to eat them at 3 for snack!
we had a dehydration lab - get to take the stuff we make home!
we had a ROLLIE lab - made nori/energy soup/collard wraps!

Energy soup
LOADS of dulse
dehydrated into a wrap..
THIS is the BEST way to eat this green stuff


Going to the beach today...

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Re: I am at Ann Wigmore!
Posted by: Healthybun ()
Date: December 30, 2008 04:40PM

Maybe the mosquitos got diabetes from all the cooked people they sucked blood from before... =)

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Re: I am at Ann Wigmore!
Posted by: rawrnr ()
Date: December 30, 2008 04:56PM

We are watching Diet for a New America...
I have it at home and have seen it so I snuck out...
We had eating lab today...
There is a Cd with piano music playing and every 60 or 90 minutes a bell rings, this is the signal to swallow.
So here we are eating blended and chopped up fruit (apples, bananas, papaya) sitting in the sun listening to the ocean and the CD...looking at the palm trees, the blue sky and feeling the wind kissing our skin...eating..
All along Leola a WONDERFUL human being who really works SO HARD at making the world a better place...I admire and respect her so much...I live next to her and every time I walk by her house, she is there, at her table..WORKING!!
This lady is in her 80's..I one knows...
But I heard 83??
What a loving soul!!

So GRAINS...I have been staying away from grains as much as possible but bingeing on cooked rice and quinoa regularly...I cook for my daughter...

They are pretty big on grains here...
Sprouted of course....I am still on the fence...

Cheif Mike, who used to have a vegan then a raw restaurant...
Suggested I start sprouting and dehydrating grains and that will help me from eating the cooked ones...


I have been following the high fruit DOug Graham but 15-20%fat...
I kinda feel like eating dehydrated grains is like going backwards...
Do you think I need to do this??
Grains are high in calories and I was getting about 15-2600 just on fruit, seeds and avo's...
I am not fat by any means, but I would like to LOSE weight not pack it on!!
13 pounds and I would be extremely happy!

WE had some sprouted and dehydrated TEFF today, it was really good BTW!!

Taking that energy soup adding flax seeds to it and dehydrating is GREAT for a wrap!
I will do this!

I didn't work out 2day at all...
Got to lie on the beach FINALLY!!!
I am really having great time!!
3 more days then back to the cooked world!

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Re: I am at Ann Wigmore!
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: December 30, 2008 06:47PM

rawrnr: Luv reading your posts -- so informative. I dehydrate, but haven't sprouted anything yet. I prefer dehydrating in the sun as opposed to using an indoor dehydrator -- totally different taste experience. If you haven't already, you should try it. I'm sure the chef can give you some good info. Hope your last 3 days are great. Keep us posted.

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Re: I am at Ann Wigmore!
Posted by: Meleakua ()
Date: December 30, 2008 11:05PM

Thanks for sharing your Ann Wigmore Institute experience with us all, Tori! smiling smiley it's nice to hear about it~ it's been a long time since i've been out that way!! (Sounds like Kaelash & Jimena are back~ please tell them hello from Beth & lovelovelove to Leola & Lalita!) :] Soooo about the grain thing~ i still have yet to read Dr. Graham's 'Grain Damage', but it seems to me that if you're binging on cooked grains that sprouted ones would be a better choice and satisfying in the same grainy kind of way, & transition that way.

i have the same reaction to wheatgrass~ at times the smell of it makes me nauseous, but i'm usually okay mixing it with fresh apple juice &/or ginger juice. i was drinking 6-8 oz a day when i was down at Wiggie winking smiley so perhaps just overdid it...wheat is also pretty hybridized~ maybe our bodies don't recognize the amino acids in it as well as in wild or less hybridized greens. shrug! i do love noni fruit, however! smiling smiley

lymphatic massage could help with your swollen nodes (that usually means that your body has a bit more of a toxic load that it's getting rid of than usual and is having a hard time getting it out quicky enough, so anything you do to aid in elimination through any of the ">seven channels of elimination ( [] ) would be lovely)... but the rebounding & dry skin brushing helps move the lymph, too, as i'm sure you've learned well this week! smiling smiley

mmmmm energy soup!!! i've been thinking that i would love to make some for the past three years!! methinks that will be a new year's resolution for '09 winking smiley

Thanks for sharing recipes~ i have a bag of teff that i was wondering what the heck to do with! smiling smiley & did you dehydrate a wrap first and then fill it with energy soup & dehydrate more or did you make a flax-energy soup mixture & dehydrate it into a wrap? i suppose either way would be an interesting culinary experience! winking smiley

Have fun!! Enjoy your stay at one of the most loving, beautiful places on the planet! smiling smiley


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Re: I am at Ann Wigmore!
Posted by: rawrnr ()
Date: December 31, 2008 02:43PM


We dehydrated energy soup into a wrap.
Added banana, flax and dulse...kinda like a nori, but you cal load it up with veggies and cheese...

The lymph node went away right after Mike squeezed all the @#$%& out of it...

Never dehydrated in the sun..maybe in the summer..livin in Canada ya know!

Last night we had a BON FIRE on the beach!!
Nice to be out there at night!!

Yes, Suvine, I am being as active as I can...I have no detox symptons...why were you in bed the whole time??

Went for about an hour bike ride with Mike again thought raw foodists were supposed to be fit...
Poor Mikie, had to get off his bike and push it up those hills.....
I had to wait at the top of each one!!

You need to do some CARDIO boy ( I know you are reading this tongue sticking out smiley)
Now that I've gone from "hot chick" to "fit chick" I can say this..


Exercise is the secret....raw is the ingredient!!
tongue sticking out smiley

Ummm..we made almond pate..soon will probably be replaced by sunflower pate, you all know why..
sad smiley

Walked into town in the afternoon with another student, about 40 min walk!
SUn is HOT today - I LIKE IT!

Ya, sprouted grains are better than cooked 4 sure..but jeeze...I am not digesting the comes out the same way it goes in...
chew chew chew your food!
winking smiley

Hi Ann - know you are out there too...yes its CHEESECAKE FRUIT!!
smiling smiley

Try blending it with papaya...
How long have you beeen working here??
tongue sticking out smiley gave a talk on equipment today in the Wiggies Shop
I was rude and decided to read one of the books instead of listening!!

We have a class on health and beauty in 20 min...
Here are my "secrets"
coconut oil = all over my body
olive oil = same
avo - face mask

Or...just tell em you were born healthy and beautiful!!
tongue sticking out smiley

We are having a new years party at one of the guests homes 2nite...
New Years Without The BOOZE???
How the hell can I misbehave without having the booze to blame??

Hope I don't get in to trouble.....
(better keep my mouth shut....)

HI Michelle!!

YEs, my "blog" is being read by the people who work here!

LUV to all of YAS!!


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Re: I am at Ann Wigmore!
Posted by: Healthybun ()
Date: January 01, 2009 12:01PM

Do they use Vita-mix or KTec machines at the center?

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Re: I am at Ann Wigmore!
Posted by: suvine ()
Date: January 01, 2009 03:00PM


Chef Mike is this guy, he works at ANN WIGMORE


Look at his before and after's guys!!!

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 01/01/2009 03:00PM by suvine.

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Re: I am at Ann Wigmore!
Posted by: Sundancer ()
Date: January 02, 2009 01:26AM

Pretty amazing, Suvine!!

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Re: I am at Ann Wigmore!
Posted by: rawrnr ()
Date: January 02, 2009 01:58PM

They use vita mix...they like the plunger...
I am pretty torn as which one to buy...
There are pro's ad con's to both...
Maybe stay with my Cuisinart for a bit longer...

Went for a 2 hour walk on the beach yesterday with my new friend Brandy...
Sea Glass collectors are everywhere...

We had a nice meditation lesson yesterday from Kaelash...
I don't think there is any thing that guy cannot do!!
he sings, plays guitar, yoga, meditation...
Bet he can't beat me up a hill on a bike though!!

Last day today...
We had our Graduation...
It was cute..some ppl got emotional,,,
I was just havin fun..

I will want to come back here again I am SURE!
But first I am curious about OHI in San Diego..

When I get home I am telling everyone I know how great this place is!!
Not sure if anyone will even notice a difference in me...
I was pretty clean B4 I got here..
BUT I do HIGHLY recommend the place!
Every raw fooder needs to come here!!

I went for an hour run today along the coast...
I had forgotten how happy running makes me...
meditation in motion...

Havn't ran regularly in about a YEAR!!
This after running numerous marathons and BOSTON too!!
yawning smiley)

My running group from way back when start up on the 7th..I will be there!!

Met lots of ppl here....I ask everyone what they're % raw is...for the most part ppl are about 80%..lots have had stints with 100% and all tell me the same thing...INCREASED ENERGY...
I am left thinking...


I feel was a REAL kick start to my 100% raw HOPE...Living in Toronto this time of year will be challenging!..

I will have LOADS of pictures up on my facebook an a few days..
If you are interested just add me

Victoria conde!!
(there are about 6 of me...right now my pic is of me and my cat!!

yawning smiley)

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 01/02/2009 01:59PM by rawrnr.

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Re: I am at Ann Wigmore!
Posted by: suvine ()
Date: January 02, 2009 06:59PM

Sundancer can we see your photos??

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Re: I am at Ann Wigmore!
Posted by: rawrnr ()
Date: January 03, 2009 08:31PM

Photo's are now up!!

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Re: I am at Ann Wigmore!
Posted by: rawrnr ()
Date: January 03, 2009 11:05PM

Someone added me from here to see my pics..they sent a message telling me about a new raw food retreat place that is going to soon open...
But I cannot find it..
Does anyone know about this new place??
Please share

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Re: I am at Ann Wigmore!
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: January 03, 2009 11:31PM

Check this out - [] - Someone posted on this site that they bought a bed and breakfast on 6 acres in the El Yunque Rainforest in PR, with the intention of opening a raw retreat. This area of PR looks amazingly beautiful. A raw retreat I'd surely look into! Hope it comes to fruition. BTW, I viewed the photos you took at AW. Looks like you had a great time.

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