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Living and Raw Food Boards Policy
Posted by: Prana ()
Date: February 17, 2010 06:46AM

Living and Raw Food Boards Policy

These boards are provided as a public service, courtesy of LIVING-FOODS.COM. Please post and reply to queries related only to the vegan/vegetarian living food lifestyle. LIVING-FOODS.COM, the webmaster and the designated board moderators take no responsibility for the content or accuracy of the comments made herein. By using this board, you agree to our disclaimer. We expect everyone to be kind and respectful to other posters.

Not Permitted on the boards:

* Foul language
* Rude, offensive, insulting or vulgar posts.
* Anything for sale or give away
* Asking for, or giving medical advice, or
* Requests for contributions
* Off topic posts, or posts not deemed proper for the category they are placed
* Slander of individuals or Organizations
* Advertisments of products, services or advertising of other web sites

All offensive and inappropriate posts will be deleted. Offenders will be banned from posting. Serious offenders will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

The spirit of the Living & Raw Foods Community discussion forums is to support others that eat a diet composed primarily of raw plant foods(including honey) but no animal products (such as meat,dairy,etc). In this way this site can help support raw and living foods health enthusiasts on their path to higher health and quality of life. This site is a privately owned, free site which is paid for by the Webmaster, and assisted by members. Please see the Members section of this site for membership information and benefits. The intent here is support and educate one another with:

• compassion
• kindness
• respect
• patience
• competance

Let's be mindful that:

1. Some people here are totally new to the living food diet concept and first impressions weigh heavily.

2. Some people here are in the process of healing and they are very sensitive, and it is inappropriate to try to "fix" their health problem with therapies or without their permission.

3. If you have no formal training as a health coach it is inappropriate to try to offer healing advice to people with illness (especially if you have limited information about the person's condition), except to relate first hand experience and recommend books, articles on this site and elsewhere, and health professionals. Refer people to the Resources/Practitioners page in this site for professional health & nutrition help.

4. If you are ill and seeking healing advice it is generally best to get advice and coaching services from a trained health professional -- there are a few such participants in this open forum, however this is not a healing guidance forum -- we recommend working with a professional health coach or hygienic or naturopathic doctor. Refer people to the Resources/Practitioners page in this site for professional health & nutrition help.

5. Everyone wants to be treated kindly. Do not fight here-- you are only fighting with yourself.

6. Our expression (the words we type) has a vibration which effects our own health in profound ways,

7. Becoming a "raw fooder" is a personal and unique journey and an emotionally sensitive process, and it's best if it unfolds at a gentle pace.

8. Pushing, judging and venting on fellow health enthusiasts is harmful to everyone here.

9. The eyes of the world are watching us -- we can choose to mirror the chaos of society, or we can choose to be co-creators of an exemplary community of health and compassion minded people. Let's choose to follow our hearts and give our selves and our community fellows the best.

10. If you are a new comer, please check the FAQ for answers to all the frequently asked questions before posting a message here.

Thank you for your cooperation.
The Living-Foods Team

BY REGISTERING AT THIS SITE TO USE THE BOARDS, I AGREE TO THE ABOVE POLICY, and ACKNOWLEDGE that my ability to use the boards may be terminated without warning for any reason.

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