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Foods rich in sulfur - bananas?
Posted by: rab ()
Date: March 21, 2011 11:36AM


* Garlic, onions, and all of the allium family
* Grains
o methionine: corn, sunflower seeds, oats, chocolate, cashews, walnuts, almonds, sesame seeds (in that order).
o cysteine: oats, corn (corn grits are higher than chicken, see Sulfur in Human Nutrition and Applications in Medicine, by Stephen Parcell, ND. Published by Thorne Research. [PDF].)
o MSM: corn
* Legumes, including carob and jicama (alfalfa: MSM)
* Red meats
* eggs
o of chicken
o [of duck maybe less so?]
* Nuts & seeds
* Broccoli and all cole-family (brassica) vegetables. This includes cabbages, pak choi, mustard, and watercress.
* Asparagus
* Coconut
* Avocado (high in glutathione, which breaks down during digestion, yielding cysteine)
* Watermelon (also high in glutathione)
* Swiss Chard
* Parsley
* Sweet potatoes and "yams" (American yams, Genus Ipomoea, not Dioscorea, which the rest of the world calls "yams"winking smiley - a sulfur compound in this tuber chelates heavy metals. [Need documentation on this.]
* Bananas
* Tomatoes (MSM)
* Tea & coffee: MSM
* Dairy products (Cows' milk: MSM. other milks?)
* Whey proteins (high in cysteine & methionine)
* Amino acids: cysteine, methionine
* Thiamin / Thiamine / Vitamin B1 / aneurine
* Biotin, Vitamin B7 or Vitamin H

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Re: Foods rich in sulfur - bananas?
Posted by: banana who ()
Date: March 21, 2011 12:31PM

Geez...I don't see durian on that list. I am pretty surprised about bananas...I thought that since they are high in potassium (an alkaline mineral) that they wouldn't have much in the way of sulphur.

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