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Food preparation for dehydration
Posted by: Parawdise ()
Date: July 27, 2013 09:05PM

Hi everyone,

I'm new on this blog (in fact, it's the first time that I ever participate to a blog!) and I'm preparing to go raw : So two new beginnings for me!

So I have a beginner's question in reference to food preparation before dehydration in order to preserve their color, nutrients and texture:

The Excalibur Dehydration Guide talks about Dipping (Sodium Bisulfate,Ascorbic acid-Citric acid, Citrus/Pineapple juice or honey dip) and Blanching (Water blanch and steaming blanch).

My guess is that the only method that will keep the food alive without adding anything toxic to it would be the juice dipping and that this would be good for fruits only. But then what do I do for veggies ?

I think that steaming the food, event for just 5 minutes, will kill the exzymes.

I've just read the article from Rose Lee Cabalerro on the subject (I used the Search engine on this page and found her text). She says that Sodium Bisulfate is bad but she doesn't talk about any other food preparation method.

Will the apple slices turn brown if I dehydrate them at 105 degrees without treating them first ? An if so, is it less nutritive and healthy? And what about potato and turnip slices for example ?

Thank you for your tips.

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Re: Food preparation for dehydration
Posted by: la_veronique ()
Date: July 27, 2013 10:44PM


i have no idea

but i'm thinking that lemon juice has always been used as a preservative
i mean if you get romaine lettuce and put it in a big bowl of water, ice and squirt some lemon juice ,a few hours later, it still looks fresh and is crisp and no browning

so, maybe it will work with the dehydrating
my guess

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