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Re: The Mysterious Braggs...
Posted by: RawPracticalist ()
Date: January 07, 2020 12:22AM

Our world is full of lies, that is the sad part.

In the 1920s TV, radio, and mass communication were taking roots and many who wanted to be noticed and sell products told lies, many claimed to have degrees like PhD they did not have.

Even now TV and mass media commercials are full of lies. Naturally beautiful young men and women will endorse products that have nothing to do with their natural beauty and we know it is not true but we accept it.

We have to dig deeper to find what it js right for ourselves.

Paul Braggs is not different from what we have now.

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Re: The Mysterious Braggs...
Posted by: KFCA ()
Date: January 13, 2020 09:33PM

But back to Jack LaLanne's oft-told story, most often by him, of reluctantly being taken to an Oakland lecture by Paul Bragg by his mother due to his extremely poor health. After finding in the Berkeley, Oakland & San Francisco sports pages of Jack's participation in various sports events prior to any of Bragg's lectures---there were 5 or 6 evening lectures that October 1930 week---without seemingly any health problems, I went back a little in time.

Although Jack sometimes appeared on the covers (in pose) of men's muscle magazines of the 1940s-50s, it was difficult to find a personal interview in their text on how he first got into the great condition where he eventually up. But I think I got lucky because I came across the following in the February 1952 issue of "Ironman", one of those magazines. Its title was "Jack La Lanne Champion of Endurance" by David Martin. This was published one year before he started his San Francisco-Bay Area tv exercise show & six years before he went into the national tv market in Los Angeles in 1958 & became a celebrity.

"At 14 years of age Jack weighed only 90 pounds and was very sickly and extremely weak. Being in such poor health, Jack started on an extensive study of diet. Books occupied his time and he read everything he could lay his hands upon that pertained to diet and health. After about a year or more of practicing proper eating & living there was such an improvement in Jack's health that he had great incentive to develop his body physically, such was the inspiration. Today, Jack has practically developed his physical powers to their limits."

Note there is absolutely no mention of any Paul Bragg-Jack LaLanne lecture meet-up that miraculously changed Jack's life even though that magazine's readership would have been aware of Paul Bragg. Whether Jack was actually as sickly and weak as stated, of course, is unknown.

Small correction in my earlier posting. Jack represented the Berkeley YMCA in a 12# weight---not javelin---throwing competition in 1930, when he would have been 15. (He came in third).

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