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Does Fasting Lower Your Metabolic Rate?
Posted by: John Rose ()
Date: April 13, 2016 09:29PM

How many times have you heard people say that Fasting Lowers Your Metabolic Rate?

Well, it’s time to pause, reflect and ask ourselves - what does science have to say?

11:37 MM
And here’s the science behind other things…

Fasting: Healing & Regeneration

Old age is characterized by a slowing down of the metabolic rate. This decrease may be permanently increased by the process of fasting according to the experiments conducted at the Hull Biological Laboratories of the University of Chicago. These experiments were conducted on both dogs and humans for extended periods of time. The results observed were that in fasts from 30-40 days a 5-6% increase in the metabolic rate was observed.


JR Comment: It’s interesting that both dogs and humans can fast around 40 days, of course, the further we go from Nature or the more Mistakes we make, the more we have to do what we normally would Not have to do. Before the Fall of Mankind, all we had to do is listen to Nature or listen to our Instincts, so when we were Sick or Injured, we would Not be Hungry or we Lost our Hunger or we Lost our Appetite and when we got better or when we ran out of reserves, we got Hungry or our Hunger would return.

JR Insert from “Fasting & Animals” file…

The most remarkable records of continued abstinence from food are to be found among the lower animals. Compared to some of these, man is a piker. It is often said that the marvels of long-continued abstinence from food reach their maximum in the "winter sleep" of several species of warm-blooded animals, but there are actually longer records than these present.

The recently produced American People's Encyclopedia tells us that the survival time in acute starvation (complete abstinence from all food save water) ranges from 21 to 117 days in dogs; rat 5 to 6 days; guinea pig 7 to 8 days; rabbit 15 days; cat 20 days; dog 38 days. There is some confusion about how long the dog may survive deprivation of food, although the matter of size may determine.
End of JR Insert from “Fasting & Animals” file.

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