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The Great Fruit Sugar Debate...
Posted by: John Rose ()
Date: April 12, 2017 04:17PM

Brian Clement is LOST In Studies & Needs to Get Rid of His Hitchhiker!!!

An Open Debate on Fruit Sugar
34:32 Minute Video

JR’s Notes:

0:15 MM
Hello my dear ones, it’s always a pleasure to come to you, always has been throughout all of these years, all of the beautiful souls I’ve met and all of those that are getting their Healings worldwide - it’s incredible.

This Video, however, is to Brian Clement and I know some of you have been trying to get Brian and me together to Debate Fruit Sugar and I find that interesting in that, Brian, you are coming from a different level of thinking than I do. Even though I’m a Biochemist and Naturopath and I’ve had 45 years in this field and the things that I hear about Fruit Sugar is so bazaar I just have to tell you.

So this is about my take on Fruit Sugar and what I’ve done in 45 years on Fruits, Berries and Melons where Fructose is high and essential. You know, there are 3 Simple Sugars, guys, in Nature. You have your Fructose, which is your Simple Fruit Sugar, you have your Glucose, which is your Simple Vegetable Sugar and you have Galactose, which is your Simple Milk Sugar and these are the 3 Simple Fruits. When you start complexing these Sugars, then you start getting in to Di, which is 2 or more, and then, you get into Polysaccharides - Saccharides are Sugar. Sugars are the Carbon side of Nature where Amino Acids are the Nitrogen side of Nature. Carbon tends to be on the Base side of Chemistry and the Nitrogen tends to be on the Acidic side of Chemistry. When you start looking at the Foods that have these Simple Sugars in them, they’re Base in their structures because Base dominate Food is the appropriate Food for the Homo Sapiens, a matter of fact, for most vertebras.

So when someone claims that Fruit Sugar, Natural Fruit Sugar is Bad for you, these guys are probably of the intellectual variety who got lost in studies that are meaningless and have no basis in Fact or Truth and you see this constantly and I’ve done Videos through these years showing the Fruit Sugars or how beneficial they are and why we win so many cases and especially Neurological cases. But it’s important that everyone realize that Sugar is essential to Life. It used to be called Grape Sugar, but it is important that you understand that Sugar is Carbon and Carbon is essential to acquiring ATP, ADP and AMP - these are the Adenosine-Tri’s and Monophosphates - these are the Energy Factors of Cells where Oxygen and Carbon are combined with the Hydrogen yanked out, which is the Acidic side of Chemistry and now you have Energy - Pure Energy.

It’s important to understand that Sugars are essential. On top of this, you must understand the different vertebras and how man was put together. 3:22 MM

6:11 MM
And then comes the Omnivores - we’re not nothing like a Dog, Hog, Bear or Chicken - these are all Omnivores.

29:14 MM
So we don’t use Supplements here either. We use Herbs. Herbs are NOT for Diseases - that’s man-made. Herbs are for Body Tissues and Body Fluids.

29:25 MM
Remember, the Physical Body is only Cells and 2 Major Fluids, Water, of course, but 2 Major Fluids. Who’s the 2 Major Fluids of the Body?

Blood and Lymph!

Well, Blood is the Kitchen - no question about that - Minor Fluid.

The Lymph - the Massive Lymph and remember, they just found the Lymph System in the Brain, the University of Virginia 2 years ago, and before that, the Lymphatic System was found in the Brain, a 2nd Lymph System in the Brain. They haven’t found the base of the Spine - the Triangled one - the one that goes and Feeds the Kidneys and Drains - they haven’t found those yet. 29:58 MM

29:58 MM
Well, how can you just find these Lymph Vessels like they were the researchers at the Virginia, West Virginia, that were saying that or the University of Virginia were saying that in a cadaver, you can’t see them. They have to be in a Live person because they’re so viscous - you can’t see them in depth. How interesting that is? You know the Body’s Exhibit when it was around, they never had anything about the Lymph System hardly at all. They had all of the Vascular System out and they had all of the different Systems and stuff, but they didn’t have the Lymph System.

This is a System that’s Causing All of Man’s Problems and yet, man doesn’t even understand this System because no one is helping him. Allopath has No clue to this System. You don’t have to have academics to understand the Sewer System and how It works. I built custom homes all my life and I put in a lot of new Sewer Systems in homes and you got to understand the Sewer System and what It’s doing for you. Look at babies who you don’t change the diaper in a timely matter - why do they get the Burn on the bottom? What’s the Burn from? Acids and that’s what you have to understand is that you have to eliminate the bulk of the Acids out of the Human Body, but you have to buffer them for the 3 pH at the Cellular Level and this is why you see the Lipid side to burn Electrolytes.

So it’s a trip you guys when you start finding yourself in the Acidic Zones, which is full of Symptomology. A matter of fact, almost every Symptom the Allopathy can name is steeped in Inflammation or in a better word, Acidosis. Acidosis is the truth of the word and Inflammation is the Body’s response to that, including Cholesterol, Calcium and Edema. So when you see Cholesterol building up or Calcifications or Edema, what’s going on here? Acidosis - Stagnation where you’re getting a Cationic Environment in an Environment that should be Anionic. A Cationic Environment is an Acidic Environment that Causes Dehydration - Agglutination - all of those things that show you that things stick together, including Cells. And you see that even in a minor way in the Blood when you see Blood Cells attaching or following each other like Choo-Choo Trains. That’s an Enzymatic Lack of Diet and also a Higher Protein Diet. We are Not a High Protein Species whatsoever. And all of the Body Builders and people we get in here that have suffered that have pumped in High Proteins and now have RA and they’ve lost their Joints. Body Builders have blown their rectums. I mean, it’s all this because it leaches Calcium out of the Body. You can go on and on and on on the Negative Side of Proteins. This is why Man’s Biggest Problems. We’re Carbon Prints - Not Nitrogen Prints. 32:45 MM

32:45 MM
So this Video is for you Brian, but it’s also to the public and you can negate this all you want, but I have got a rich history my friend. I have so many successes around the world that you can’t even come to that. It’s enough to say my advice is that you change your attitude about Sugars and you start learning how to Detox people deeper. This doesn’t mean no offense to you it’s just that we hear a lot of things going on over there and, of course, I meet you once. I had attended a discussion you gave for the American Diabetes Foundation and I was giving a talk myself. I went to your talk, you didn’t come to mine and somebody kept hitting me on my back and said, do you believe this guy? And I’m going No. He said, we don’t either. A lot of people don’t believe when you say Fruits are Bad for you my friend because they’re Not. It’s misinformation on your part and I suggest that you change your mind and learn how to take the Hippocrates way up a lot further than what it is because its stagnating.

And so, I think that’s about all I have to say about Fructose. It is the Divine Sugar of all Sugars. We used to call it Grape Sugar and all of the Grapes, we all adorned it because it is our Energy Factors and like I said, it’s the only level in a Neurological case that you can find your Remedies that’s for sure.

So I love you all. Brian, I love you too, but you’ve got to Wake Up with the Fructose thing. You’re telling people Wrong stuff and we Proved this and Proved this and Proved this and a little special thing from me and my friends - Brian, get rid of your Hitchhiker - get rid of your Hitchhiker and straighten things around there, alright? I love you all. Thank you very much. 34:30 MM

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Re: The Great Fruit Sugar Debate...
Posted by: Tai ()
Date: April 12, 2017 11:03PM

Robert Morse and Brian Clement would do themselves a favor by learning from each other....Robert Morse needs to include more greens, microgreens, veggies and sprouts into his protocols and Brian needs to include more astringent fruits. They should share case studies and supplement the weaknesses of each other.

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Re: The Great Fruit Sugar Debate...
Posted by: RawPracticalist ()
Date: April 13, 2017 11:25AM

I think Brian's point is very valid. Fruit is not the problem. The problem is that most of us after years of bad eating habits have digestive systems not adequate for fruit consumption.

For example you John do periodic green juice fasting lasting a month or more. Your system has no problem digesting fruits, or taking in fruit sugar. But those living on doghnuts and burgers it is a different story.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 04/13/2017 11:26AM by RawPracticalist.

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Re: The Great Fruit Sugar Debate...
Posted by: Tai ()
Date: April 13, 2017 11:41AM

Robert Morse said:
I think that’s about all I have to say about Fructose. It is the Divine Sugar of all Sugars. We used to call it Grape Sugar and all of the Grapes, we all adorned it because it is our Energy Factors and like I said, it’s the only level in a Neurological case that you can find your Remedies that’s for sure.

I did Robert Morse's correspondence course. He has some amazing case studies to back up what he says (including for paralysis) and on youtube there are new cases too, that affirm what he says, including a lady who had Multiple Sclerosis and tried Hippocrates and wheat grass and it didn't work for her and then she tried RObert Morse and the fruit and herb approach worked for her. YET, I met a man with Multiple Sclerosis who stayed at Optimal Health Institute in San Diego for two months and he was "cured" using the wheat grass juice approach. He would soak his hands in wheatgrass juice in addition to drinking huge amounts of it.

So, Robert Morse has good reason to say fruit is the "ONLY" level of remedy for neurological cases, however, although his own cases have "proved" that to him, it's not the whole picture, Just as an example, Optimal Health Institute limits fruit intake and stress more microgreens, which is an approach that did heal a case of Multiple Sclerosis, but Robert Morse doesn't know this because he needs to share more with these institutes and professionals.
For every amazing root nervine herb, there is an above ground leafy green. He doesn't cure people only with fruit, he gives them herbs.

The most powerful nervine medicines are herbs not fruits. Robert MOrse can't argue this, but his point is that the astringent fruits wash and rinse the lymphatic system, which is essential in healing. WHile this is true, luckily it's not the only way, because in some climates, fruit is not always available. Just think of Ann Wigmore's miracle story of when the doctors wanted to amputate her leg/s and she just chewed grass all day in the sun and healed her legs.

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