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My recent health improvements
Date: June 12, 2017 07:40PM

Health improvements with raw diet

When l went on the raw sproutarian diet l greatly improved my health by improving energy, outlook on life, and my digestion improved and l no longer felt very toxic. I had extremely bad skin, but after drinking large amounts of green juices and eating sprouts l came a long way to fixing many health problems and l looked much better.

No matter how much green juice l drank (i'd often drink half a gallon of sprout/grass juice per day for years) I still had gray hair, and my skin never had that pink rosy glow l always wanted. I couldn't understand why such a great diet didn't make me glow. Some people used to glow on raw food, but l never did, so l knew my health still wasn't up to par.

Health improvements with Falun Dafa
I started practicing a qigong called Falun Dafa almost 2.5 years ago. Since practicing Falun Dafa every day my health has continued to improve.

Gray hair almost gone
My hair was turning gray very fast, and each time l had my hair cut the floor would be covered with gray hair. But recently when l got my hair cut hardly any gray hair was left on the floor, and when l look at myself l now notice that l only have grays a little bit on the sides.

Pink glow to my skin for first time ever
When l look at myself in the mirror l am really surprised these days. Since doing Falun Dafa my skin has now taken on a pinkish glow. Actually, l am not just surprised,sometimes l am plain shocked at my transformation. One of the reasons why l did the sproutarian diet and did so much green juice was to get a pinkish glow, but no matter how hard l tried l never achieved it. Various people have told me my skin and complexion now look amazing. I am not the only one to achieve this, Mr Kearns has also gone from yellowish jaundice skin to a pinkish glow since doing Falun Dafa, his transformation is just as noticeable.

My wrinkles have gone
A couple of people have told me that my wrinkles have gone. They are amazed at my transformation. I never see myself when l laugh and smile so l don't know if l have wrinkles or not, but l do know that my face looks much smoother.

Let me just say that l look younger and feel better than l have in a long time, and l look better than l ever have in my life. I shall continue to do raw foods and Falun Dafa because l know that combination works!

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Re: My recent health improvements
Date: June 12, 2017 08:03PM

Mr Kearns' health improvements

Mr Kearns has done raw foods and sproutarianism for years because his health was in decline and he had serious health issues, but at age 64 his health was continuing to decline despite him being a raw sproutarian. He had a bad liver, bilirubin and dangerous skin cancers on his hands, he had thyroid issues (couldn't absorb iodine), he got hot and cold very easily, and he could only wash in filtered water otherwise his skin would get cracked and very painful.

Dangerous skin cancers almost gone after 10 months of practicing Falun Dafa
I saw the transformation with my own eyes. His hands had loads of cancers on them, but now he has none. Mr Kearns tried creams and has done the raw diet for years, but it didn't help get rid of the cancers.

Yellow skin went away
After 12 months his yellow skin all over his body went away, and now he has clean skin with a pink glow. His transformation is amazing.

Thyroid and skin
He also reports his thyroid issues are repaired and he can now wash in conventional water without his skin splitting.

These type of stories like mine and Mr Kearns are not an exception. Many people report great health benefits while doing Falun Dafa. Why? Because Falun Dafa is a form of qigoing, and qigong is well known for healing and fitness benefits, especially in places like China and other parts of Asia.

Here are some testimonials from people who have overcome poor health conditions from practicing Falun Dafa:

Most westerners don't know about qigong and it's benefits, but l think it is good that they do know about it because l have seen what it has done for me and Mr Kearns, and I have heard positive reports from many others.

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Re: My recent health improvements
Posted by: RawPracticalist ()
Date: June 12, 2017 11:34PM

Thanks for sharing.

Tai had recommend that I try qigong Falun Dafa or similar but I have not tried it yet.

I will definitely get into the practice soon.

My personal observation for a year and half now is that all of these high nutrients green sprouts and juices may not well be absorbed by the body as we think they should be. And many of us still have issues with digestion and assimilation.

We could not eat these micro greens by themselves if we did not juice them so they may not be optimal for us.
Maybe Doug Graham is right (Really ?).

A big improvement in my health and digestion happened when I hit the gym two years ago. The strange thing I observed in my personal situation was that the biggest improvement came when I went into weight lifting. Strange. Maybe there were some anomalies in my spine structure that only weight lifting could resolve. But that was huge.

Now I do still grow and eat some micro greens but not as much as compared to the past. Regular fruits some lettuce that is enough.

I guess as somebody wrote nutrients do not matter as much but assimilation does.

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Re: My recent health improvements
Posted by: Tai ()
Date: June 13, 2017 09:30PM

Hi sproutarian,
Great post. Thanks for sharing. And congratulations on getting healthier.
The sproutarian man is very diligent when he sets his mind on something.
So nice mr Kearns had that skin issue resolve. My friend in his 20s had bleeding psoriasis all over his hands and arms resolve after a year or so doing falun dafa. I have had lots of friends have remarkable healings.

I really respect TSM 's quest for raw food in a country and climate that has very extreme temperatures, and very high prices for viable seeds and good produce. I learned to not complain after hearing his stories. I can buy organic viable black sesame seed here for under $4 a pound but there it's too expensive. Ditto for poppy seeds ($7lb) that sprout.

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Re: My recent health improvements
Posted by: Horsea ()
Date: June 16, 2017 04:59PM

I guess as somebody wrote nutrients do not matter as much but assimilation does.

Exactly correct. And some folks have inherently excellent digestion right from birth but others don't. That's the way it rolls.

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