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I quit eating salad for good and I've never felt healthier
Posted by: RawPracticalist ()
Date: September 23, 2017 03:03PM

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Re: I quit eating salad for good and I've never felt healthier
Date: September 25, 2017 01:14AM

It can take some hard work and healing in order to get the body up to standard to be able to digest raw foods, so her response is not such a surprising one. Having bloating and not getting enough nutrients through poor digestion wouldn't make one feel good, but her claims of never feeling healthier are likely not reflections of the reality of her true health conditions. Instead of running away from the problem she would be advised to change her body condition so she is able to harness the benefits of raw plant foods.

I had bloating and indigestion when l first ate the sprouts, but plenty of fermented foods and green juices fixed it, namely plenty of fenugreek sprout juice and fermented sunflower/sesame seed paste/rejuvalic. After that l was able to digest raw foods better than l ever had.

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Re: I quit eating salad for good and I've never felt healthier
Posted by: Tai ()
Date: September 30, 2017 06:35PM

Also those salad bars usually have NON ORGANIC produce and there is a real issue of pesticides on those greens. Pesticides are very toxic to the body and may illicit many negative symptoms

Also, she said she used an olive oil type dressing and this may not be healthy at all. If she has gallstones, she may be apt to get bloating and olive oil can trigger it. A real test would be to have her try a very tender salad with no fat of any kind for her dressing, such as tomato and lemon

It's ignorant to blame salad on bloating. THere are many types of salad and greens, ranging from tender malabar spinach, to easy to digest romaine, to tough fibrous kale, to the bland iceberg lettuce. She ate kale, which is hard to digest.

Lastly, about half of Americans will develop diverticulosis later in life, and fibrous salads can excaberate it and one symptom is bloating. The solution isn't to ditch greens. IF someone has bowel problems, they can juice greens.

Most people don't know the problems that are lurking until they are full blown.

THis is the give away:
She writes:
" Do I still have bloated days? Of course, especially when I haven't been to the gym for a week or two. But I no longer feel like a prisoner on a roller coaster ride of body image that fluctuates daily. That alone is worth doing away with salads for good."

This is so ignorant. She has a problem, a real problem and she doesn't know how to address, so she is ignoring it.

Also, if someone has a lot of fecal impaction on the SAD diet, they might need a juice fast, even if only a week or just on the weekends between work and some colon cleansing to get rid of the old stuff before eating a lot of fiber, or they might have some embarrassing bloating and gas initially while they are at work and trying to have a flat belly (for women).
RIchard Schulze once had a patient that eliminated 50 pounds of waste in a 24 hour period. Imagine someone like that trying to eat a kale salad. THey might get a lot of gas. Get it out first and salad should be ok, as long as it's ORGANIC and no pesticides.

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Re: I quit eating salad for good and I've never felt healthier
Date: September 30, 2017 11:18PM

Good post Tai.

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