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Raw Food Synchronicities...
Posted by: John Rose ()
Date: November 03, 2017 02:08PM

Raw Food Synchronicities

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Re: Raw Food Synchronicities...
Posted by: John Rose ()
Date: November 03, 2017 06:08PM

I failed to mention in my Post above that the purpose of my Video was to get others to share their experiences and I say that in my Video, so be sure to read the Comments. I thought it would be obvious to read the comments, but I realize that some of y'all are at work and can't listen to the Video. If so, be sure to read what others are posting - GOOD STUFF!!!

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Re: Raw Food Synchronicities...
Posted by: RawPracticalist ()
Date: November 04, 2017 11:06AM

I watched the video.

My raw food Synchronicities ... so many to keep me on this life style even when I try to move away from it.

A friend and I decided recently to rent an apartment in NY city, an expensive area of the city. For me it was a huge compromise, nice area but less space for me to grow my microgreens. A month after signing the lease in my name, my friend decided not to honor the agreement. Initially I was very upset but as it turns out, I got one room to grow my micro greens and a month later I got a better paying job to cover the rent.

Looking back it was not a good idea to share with a SAD eater who is more into burgers, chicken and bacon

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Re: Raw Food Synchronicities...
Posted by: Tai ()
Date: November 27, 2017 06:51PM

To me, the recurring raw food synchronicity in my life is being in the right place at the right time to get good deals on raw vegan food. Many people complain of the high price tag on quality raw vegan, but when you set your sights on it, opportunities open up in unexpected ways, this is especially true at farmers markets, when making deals is possible and anything might happen at the end of the market.

The biggest snag I have experienced is when my life has gotten so busy, even having access didn't mean that I could always partake because of the extra time it takes for food prep AND just eating a larger volume of food. Time is that priceless commodity that sometimes makes raw vegan out of reach. Sometimes life strips away the comforts and luxuries to humble a person. A good example is Sergei Boutenko, who was cured of Type 1 diabetes on raw vegan. He said he couldn't spend the hours it took to make raw vegan anymore and quit the strict diet, years after he was cured.

Other raw food synchronicities I experienced early on was meeting many of the raw vegan leaders, teachers, pioneers, etc. I really had to be at the right place and right time for that to happen, because it wasn't something I was pursuing. I didn't know to pursue such things. I was interested in learning about raw vegan but I hadn't been exposed to the hype of the trendy teachers yet. (I got into raw food from Dr. Christopher and Dr. Schulze.) It happened in front of me. Meeting them and seeing the pros and cons firsthand, meeting people struggling on raw vegan, all these things informed me about the raw vegan diet. When you don't face these things in person, it can be hard to sift through truth and the smoke and mirrors.

The last synchronicity is unrelated to raw. I was pushing off buying new hiking boots because I was avoiding leather. My mom had bought me a beautiful pair which I refused to accept because they were leather, this was a couple of year ago. Recently when the rubber had just started to tear at the bottom of my boot and was separating, literally flopping, I had to run into Ross (a department store) for a kitchen item and I just happened to go by the shoes. I bought 3 vegan pair of walking shoes and a pair of hiking boots that all fit very well. I needed a pair of shoes that week and boom, the vegan option fit me like a glove. I was vegan for years and years before I found out they skinned animals alive for leather. I bought leather shoes until I found out about that. Whenever I had gone to Ross and bought shoes before, they were often leather, sad to say, AND the ones that weren't leather were not good walking shoes. Well, now I have a bunch of vegan walking shoes and I even found a second vegan pair of hiking boots for a fraction of the price of leather. Sure my leather hiking boots from REI are still good quality, but the rubber has worn out, so the shoes are useless to me unless I get them repaired. If anyone has ever been to Ross for shoes, it is really about being there at the right time, because inventory varies significantly.
Lou Corona always said to make a declaration and then living by it will be effortless. When I made the decision not to buy leather again, suddenly comfortable vegan shoes appeared when I NEEDED them, NOT when I pursued them.
I am not a fanatic to throw away all the leather I once owned. I am keeping my leather boots to fix them one day.

NOTE: I think a very big KEY to synchronicity is when a person's heart is 100% behind what they are doing. I didn't just make an intellectual decision not to buy leather. It was 100% my heart's decision. It was my conscience that wouldn't let me accept the leather boots from my mom. I would wear hemp sandals before I would wear those boots. I could be the only vegan on the planet with no one watching and that is what I would do. I didn't do it to be politically correct because of vegan police watching me. YET, it comes down to supply and demand, which is why I couldn't buy those shoes, and why I don't think throwing away my used items in my closet is going to change things.
Also, when getting great deals on raw food, it is definitely a heart thing too. When you heart is totally into something, doors open. You can't intellectually try to observe synchronicity in your life, if your heart is not into something.

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Re: Raw Food Synchronicities...
Posted by: Tai ()
Date: January 28, 2018 12:31PM

I made a fruit salad with many bananas and a few dragon fruit. I normally don't like many bananas but adding raw cacao powder takes the edge off the sweetness. I added a few other ingredients like almond butter and pureed coconut and coconut water.

I was really enjoying the salad and realizing I could eat this way regularly with many variations including protein powder and then i come across Doug Graham's calendar amongst my belongings.

It's called dr. Grahams perpetual health calendar. I never looked at it before.

January 28 (today's date)
To spread a believable and healthy message, you must live a healthy life.

On the opposite page it says

December 4
Where is the sport in pitting a 200 pound man against a 2 pound fish.

It was a synchronicity to be actually enjoying so many bananas and find Doug's writings out of nowhere.

I got spoiled with sapotes. But now that I am eating bananas like sapotes, I can appreciate eating more of them.

Sapotes are from a tree and bananas are from a plant. There is a big difference in sophistication. But making a fruit salad with other fruit really makes a lot of bananas palatable. I let the bananas get very ripe so I can smash them with a fork.

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Re: Raw Food Synchronicities...
Posted by: lisa m ()
Date: May 01, 2018 03:49PM

I think a lot about this subject. I think it's all about getting closer to those magical antennae that lie hidden deep within our gut. Most people go about with a ton of rubbish glued in there, muffling the signals, so they have no idea of the amazingness they're capable of. Raw food opens the door.... further cleansing and fasting takes us even further in... It's all very exciting!

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Re: Raw Food Synchronicities...
Posted by: RawPracticalist ()
Date: May 03, 2018 06:30PM

>I think it's all about getting closer to those magical antennae that lie hidden deep within our gut. Most people go about with a ton of rubbish glued in there


What is your approach to cleansing and fasting?

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