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Are Cooked Greens Better Than Green Smoothies & Juices? Dr Esselstyn
Posted by: John Rose ()
Date: December 03, 2017 08:15AM

Are Cooked Greens Better Than Green Smoothies & Juices? Dr Esselstyn
13:34 Minute Video

Published on Dec 2, 2017

In this Video, John Rose takes a closer look at Why Raw Green Smoothies & Vegetable Juices are Better Than Cooked Vegetables Proving that Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn’s Nitric Oxide Solution Is Not the Ultimate Solution.

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Re: Are Cooked Greens Better Than Green Smoothies & Juices? Dr Esselstyn
Posted by: John Rose ()
Date: December 03, 2017 05:32PM

Here is my Transcript from this Video...

Are Cooked Greens Better Than Green Smoothies & Juices? Dr. Esselstyn
13:34 Minute Video

Published on Dec 2, 2017
In this Video, John Rose takes a closer look at Why Raw Green Smoothies & Vegetable Juices are Better Than Cooked Vegetables Proving that Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn’s Nitric Oxide Solution Is Not the Ultimate Solution.

Per Video Tape JR# 00121 - 13:39 made 12-01-17:

“When the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem you see is a nail.” -Abraham Maslow

Hi, I’m John Rose and in this Video, I’m going to take a closer look at Esselstyn’s “Limited” Nitric Oxide Solution. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn was put Into a Box and he did a pretty good job of working Within the Box, but he’s still In the Box - still Treating the Symptoms - still doesn’t know How to Remove the Cause, although, in his mind, I’m sure he thinks he’s Removing the Cause, at least, the Analogy he gave when he was here in Houston on the Radio with 2 of my best students - Dr. Antony Roba, you’ve probably seen the interview down below, and Dr. Baxter Montgomery, I also have a Video of him where he Reversed Thrombus on a 60 Day Solid Food Vacation on Juices, but they were interviewing him and he gave a really interesting Analogy on how this works and he said if Inflammation is like a Fire, the 1st Step is Stop Feeding the Fire with the Foods that Ignite the Fire - that’s the Meat and then, he says you want to put some Water on that - that’s the Antioxidants from the Leafy Greens that are High in Nitrates.

Now I’ve seen several Videos of him recently where he was explaining why it was so important to Eat Cooked Vegetables - Nitrates - instead of Juicing them and Blending them and he gave a pretty convincing argument for those who don’t have enough Pieces of the Puzzle. And this is the Problem with people like Esselstyn - he’s been put Inside a Box and he still to this day doesn’t really understand the Disease Process - he doesn’t understand there are 2 Bathrooms that we have to Clean Up.

Now he thinks he’s Removing the Cause by getting Rid of the Meat because that does Damage the Kidneys and that’s what Filters the Blood and the Lymph System. But when you look at the Endothelium Cells that he talks about and this is the whole thing about his Protocol he’s been doing for 20 years. You know, they finally discovered Nitric Oxide 30 years ago in 87. He has 20 years good research on this showing by the time the average person here in America is 50 the Endothelium Cells are only producing 50% of the Nitric Oxide. But there’s a Solution - he says we can Eat Nitrates, but you got to Chew them so that the Bacteria on our Tongue can convert those to Nitrites and then, the Gastric Acid in our Stomach can convert that into Nitric Oxide, so therefore, you don’t Juice and you don’t Blend! Doesn’t work he says.

So now he’s pooh-poohing the most important thing we’ve got to Correct - the 1st of 5 Main Mistakes and that is the Cooking of our Food. So when you Blend things and you Juice those, you’re Not Cooking them. Oh, but you’re Not going to Chew them. Well, you can Chew your Smoothies and that’s a legitimate argument. I did a Video especially on that - I’ll put a link down below where we want to Chew our Juices or Liquids or Blended Foods and we want to Drink our Solids meaning we want to Chew well.

So it’s a good point he brings up - we don’t Chew well enough, but still he’s only looking at this from a very Limited perspective because by Eating the Cooked Vegetables that’s Not going to Clean your Bathrooms. So he doesn’t understand that we have to Clean our Bathrooms.

Now to really put this into perspective, what are Endothelium Cells?

Well, they’re a specialized form of Epithelial Cells and Epithelial Cells are Skin Tissue that lines all of our Internal Organs - our throat, our lung, our heart, our breast, our kidneys, our lungs [liver], our prostate, our ovaries, our colon and what’s interesting about this is that 85% of All Cancers are Carcinomas - Cancers of the Epithelial Cells.

Now what am I trying to say here? What’s my point?

Well, I’m saying that when you’re Cooking your Food, you’re Not going to, especially Vegetables; Vegetables do Not Clean the Lymph System - 1 of the Bathrooms. All Solid Food is Not going to Clean your Other Bathroom. We’ve got 2 Bathrooms - part of our Digestive System, the Colon, that’s why the Solid Food Vacation on Juices is so Powerful - it’s going to Clean the Colon Out, so now you’ve got a Clean Bathroom. But the Other Bathroom - the Lymph System is what Esselstyn doesn’t understand and he doesn’t understand that the Vegetables aren’t going to Clean or most of them, unless they’re Astringent, aren’t going to Clean the Bathroom - the Lymph System.

Remember folks, our Body is nothing but a Bunch of Cells - 2 Fluids - Blood is the Kitchen - it Feeds the Cells - the Lymph System is the Bathroom - it Cleans the Cells.

So what do doctors do?

They don’t study the Bathroom - they study the Blood and then, they specialize in certain Body Parts, like Cardiologists, like Caldwell and they don’t understand the Rest of the Body. Even those who study the Lymph System - they don’t understand How It Works - they don’t about that Triangle Lymph System at the base of the Spine that Feeds into the Kidneys and that’s the Key!

So where does Cancer come from?

It’s coming from our Bathroom - most Cancers are coming from our Bathroom Backing Up. It’s our own Acidic Waste Matter.

Remember, we have to Eat - the Blood is slightly Alkaline - 7.4. When we P-o-o-p, it’s 3 pH - that’s 50,000 times Hotter than our Blood. Now we have Bacteria in our Lymph Nodes that will convert that 3 pH to 6 pH so the Kidneys can Filter it.

So when you Eat a High Meat based Diet, it is a lot like Feeding the Fire that Ignites the Fire because it’s going to Damage the Kidneys, which Filter the Blood and Filter the Lymph System - the Bathroom.

So why are people when they get to be 50 - why do their Endothelium Cells only produce 50% of the Nitric Oxide?

Because the Kidneys aren’t Filtering, right?

So you do have to Remove the Cause by Not Eating Animals, which is the 2nd of these 5 Mistakes, but the Cooking is the 1st - that’s the most important Mistake. Again, this is what Caldwell doesn’t understand because there’s Only One Way you’re going really Clean your Other Bathroom - your Lymph System. One is with a lot of Astringent Fruits because they’re Astringent - they make things pucker and tighten and that gets the Lymph Fluids moving. Another great Way to Clean that Other Bathroom is to Clean the Main Bathroom - the Colon.

When we Stop Eating Solid Food, we turn our Colon into what’s known as a Fontanel - an Alternative Channel of Elimination.

Now this is how our whole Body works. Remember, a Bunch of Cells - 2 Fluids - we Eat the Wrong Foods - we Damage the Kidneys - the Lymph System doesn’t get Filtered - It Backs Up and where does It go?

It has to Backs Up into the same Tissues it comes from, right?

So when we get Cancer, where is that Acid Waste going to?

It’s going into those Epithelial Cells - that’s why 85% of All Cancers are in the Epithelial Cells! And the Endothelium Cells are just a specialized form of it.

So this is the thing that Esselstyn doesn’t understand. Most Doctors don’t understand the Disease Process - they don’t understand the Roles these bastards have.

And remember, when the Bathroom Backs Up - when the Lymph System Backs Up, it’s got to go back where?

Where it came from - into the Cells.

What’s the first thing it hits?

The Epithelial Cells, oh, 85% of the Cancer is there.

Now why is it Cancerous?

Not all Tumors are Cancerous.

How can you get Lung Cancer when you don’t smoke cigarettes?

Well, it’s because your Lymph System is Backing Up and it goes into Organs that Exit the Body, like the Nose and Sinus areas - that’s Cold and Flues - Bacteria and Viruses - No - No - No - those are Consequences. Bacteria are the Clean Up Crew - that’s why we have them inside of our Lymph Nodes - that’s why they’re inside Septic Tanks to convert the High Acidic 3 pH to a 6 pH.

So when you have Cancer, you’re losing your Bacteria inside your Body - they’re Not the Bad Guys - don’t blame those - they’re the Good Guys - they convert that High Acidic Acid to a Higher pH. So that’s why if you have a Tumor that’s Not Cancerous, then you have enough Bacteria and you convert it, so it’s Not a Solid Mass of Lymph Fluid that’s High.

So when it Backs Up, it goes to areas that can go out the Body, like the Nose and Sinuses and even the Lungs - Doctors call that Pneumonia - the Body is using the Lungs as an Alternative Channel of Elimination.

Now why doesn’t it use the Colon, normally?

Because most of has have 12 to 15 Meals that are Backed Up in this area - it’s the Serpent Victor Hugo talks about - Beelzebub - the Demon inside of us that’s Polluting us.

So that’s how you get Lung Cancer - it’s your own Waste Matter Backing Up into the Tissues. It’s Burning it if you don’t have enough Bacteria to convert that 3 pH to 6 pH - it’s going to be an Acidic Burn - that’s what Cancer is.

So Caldwell’s Limited Nitric Oxide Solution is beneficial for a lot of people with Heart Disease, but it doesn’t address all of the other Issues. It does stop the Damage to the Kidneys, so hopefully, the Kidneys will start working, but the Vegetables, his Protocol, is Not doing anything specific to get the Lymph System Clean.

2 Main Ways to do it - lots of Astringent Fruit - Melons and Berries - things that make your Mouth Pucker Up - you can feel your Lymph Nodes contracting. The other - a Solid Food Vacation on Juices. When you Empty Out your Food Tube, it Changes the Ionic Pressure in our Colon. Now, once again, the Body in its wisdom, because there’s too much Crap in our Lymph System - that’s our own Waste Matter’s Crap - it’s going to Back Up into the Tissues that go Out the Body. Well, now all of a sudden, by way of what’s called a Retrograde Flow we’ve turned our Colon into a Fontanel - an Alternative Channel of Elimination, so instead of the Body going Out the Nose, oh, I’ve got a Cold or a Flu, oh, I’ve got Pneumonia, it’s in my Lungs, No, let’s put it into something that can go Out the Body. The Body is smart - it knows what it’s doing - that’s why the Solid Food Vacation works so well - that’s why Fasting is mentioned so many times - a Solid Food Vacation on Water - It allows us to Heal things that are Killing us. Most Disease is coming from Autointoxication - it’s our own Waste Matter that gets Backed Up.

9:52 MM
So Esselstyn, I met you back in 2009. I remember you sat behind me while we were listening to Campbell speak. Montgomery had a real nice Town Meeting - had over a thousand people come out - had Dr. Neal Barnard, the Founder and President of The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, even Dick Gregory came out and, of course, Baxter had a lunch for us after we talked and I remember I could tell you conveyed to Campbell what I was doing because I wasn’t happy listening to Campbell speak and I couldn’t help myself. I knew you were right behind me and I couldn’t help but just shaking my head going errrr, don’t you realize you’re doing more harm than good, Campbell, perpetuating this Contagion Myth. He went on and on about Viruses Causing Cancer. Oh, I was screaming - wanting to scream and I know Caldwell shared that with Campbell because Campbell pulled a Big Bonner - you little @#$%& - in our meeting when Baxter was about to introduce me to everybody. Campbell, you know what you did. Boy that was really pathetic. You did one of the most pathetic things I’ve ever seen any person do in my life. Little, little person - you think you know so much - you don’t know anything. You’ve done a lot of good, like Esselstyn’s done a lot of good, but then, when you come out and say something like don’t Drink Juices or don’t do Blended Smoothies.

At least, one of the Videos I put out [watched] had a balance view on it, 801010 London, they came out and they showed clips of Esselstyn talking about, no, you don’t want to Juice them or Blend them, at least, she came out and said, well, look at what Fuhrman is saying, no, it’s beneficial for some. So they’re approach was saying that for some of us we might want to Cook those Vegetables. Why? Because we get more Nitric Oxide. And remember, Nitric Oxide is an Antioxidant, so it’s putting Water on the Fire. But your Program, Esselstyn, is Not Aggressive enough to Clean the Bathrooms Out and that’s the Real Problem. Not to mention that the Real Problem of Mankind is we’re Destroying the Nutrient that makes us Feel one with everything - that’s what Cooking does.

So I know you mean well, but it reminds me of that one quote by that French guy, I always have a hard time remembering how to pronounce his name, “No man is clever enough to know all the Evil he does.”

So anytime you’re out there trying to help people, then you turn around and tell people don’t Eat Raw Food - you’re missing the boat - you’re coming from a limited perspective - you don’t have enough Tools in your little Black Bag because you’re still Inside a Box - Esselstyn - you’re Outside of It better than most, but you’re still Treating a Symptom - you’re using Food and the Antioxidants to try to quelch the Inflammation.

What’s the Source of Inflammation?

It’s our own Waste Matter coming Back Up into those Cells that you are saying aren’t working right.

Why aren’t they working right?

We’re being Attacked by our own Lymph System. All of our Cells, all of these Epithelial Cells and Endothelium Cells are swimming in Filthy Sewage because we’re Eating the Wrong Foods, Kidneys get Damaged, we don’t Filter the Blood and the Lymph System.

So what’s the Ultimate Solution if you have Heart Disease?

What’s the Ultimate Solution if you have Arthritis or Diabetes or Cancer or anything?

Clean Out those 2 Bathrooms and I guarantee you, when you Clean Out those 2 Bathrooms; you’re in for a treat!
[End of 00121] [2566 words]

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Re: Are Cooked Greens Better Than Green Smoothies & Juices? Dr Esselstyn
Posted by: Tai ()
Date: December 03, 2017 09:29PM

Here is a twist.
knowing that Essylstyn wants people to chew the leafy greens to mix with bacteria in mouth, I thought that a probiotic could be added to the raw green juice or raw blended greens. I started to look this idea up and found a connection between migraines and higher amounts of bacteria that break down nitrates:




Balancing the Benefits of Nitric Oxide
We know that one of the best health benefits of eating dark green leafy vegetables is that they cause our bodies to produce nitric oxide, which has numerous benefits for the cardiovascular system. Nitric oxide has a relaxation effect on our vessels which can reduce blood pressure and reverse hardening of the arteries. That’s why many people with heart disease take nitrates.
But ask a room full of cardiac patients what their side effects are, and odds are you’ll hear headaches as a chief complaint.
So what’s the right answer? After reading this study, we’re inclined to ask more questions:
Are people with with periodontal disease and/or high levels of pathogenic oral bacteria more prone to these nitric oxide-inducing migraines?
Would oral probiotics have an effect on headache and migraine probability?
Are there specific bacteria that produce more nitrites than others?

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Re: Are Cooked Greens Better Than Green Smoothies & Juices? Dr Esselstyn
Posted by: RawPracticalist ()
Date: December 07, 2017 04:43AM

Good post John.

It is easier to reread a written post than replay a video.
We can easily jump to a particular paragraph of interest.

I would like to explore the oral probiotic solution
because chewing is the natural way to eat and far superior to juicing and blending.


Some doctors and dietitians recommend that you take probiotic bacteria with substances called prebiotics. These are foods and supplements that help probiotics flourish in your intestines. This includes both the healthy bacteria that naturally inhabit the intestines as well as other probiotic bacteria. Prebiotics are typically high in fiber:


raw garlic
raw dandelion greens
less ripe bananas
chicory root
acacia gum
raw leeks
raw asparagus
raw honey
raw jicama

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 12/07/2017 05:04AM by RawPracticalist.

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