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black or white?
Posted by: la_veronique ()
Date: November 13, 2018 08:40AM

Here is an article on possible causes of black and white thinking including but not limited to autism (aspbergers), stress, anxiety, prone to being overwhelmed etc. I found this an interesting read. What do others think about this?

To think in terms of grey could be challenging, at times. It means one has to
navigate endless points of views and take action within a maze rather than just say "This is this and that is that and there is no in between." and either go towards one's favored (absolute "right"winking smiley stance or risk the peril of feeling torn, conflicted, morally compromised etc. in short, vulnerable.

Has anyone noted tendencies of black and white thinking?
What are the pros and cons of thinking in black and white? In grey?
I don't think just people with autism grapple with this. I think that history has proven just how dramatic, the consequences of black and white thinking can be for EVERYONE.


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Re: black or white?
Posted by: Tai ()
Date: November 14, 2018 03:42AM

I skimmed the article. I see her point. I am more interested in the topic of healing autism

Have you watched the testimonies of Vaxxed youtube channel about autism? They have mind blowing testimonies of kids who turned autistic after vaccines and not before. One case was of triplets who got sick the same day from the same vaccine and had brain problems all in the same day and thereafter. There are cases of kids with autism who were detoxed and were healed of autism.

The most tragic story I watched was of a father who committed suicide after he lost custody of his child and was going to get charged for beating his child. he swore he never hurt his child and swore the child was pounding his head against objects and broke his own nose. His sister later found out her brother was telling the truth. The child was normal. she spent time with the child. Two weeks after getting a large dose of multiple vaccines, the child had a bloodied face and broken nose. He did it to himself because of the effects of the vaccine. he was diagnosed with autism and all the helpers witnessed him pounding his head against things (after the dad committed suicide, who had no clue that the strange behavior was caused by vaccine injury). She was the one who turned her brother into protective child services. After her brother killed himself and she took custody, she learned everything her brother said was true, but it was too late.

What's crazy is the number of vaccines that are given to kids these days compared to decades ago.

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Re: black or white?
Posted by: la_veronique ()
Date: November 14, 2018 04:57AM

<<I skimmed the article. I see her point. I am more interested in the topic of healing autism>>

I think its a complicated issue, made more complex by the fact that some people with autism don't feel like they need to be "healed".

Here is a thread on that :


I'm no expert but I'm betting that regardless of ASD, trauma, or stress of any kind can play a role in exacerbating polarized thinking.

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