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Response to jtprindl and Tai to the dehydrator question
Posted by: la_veronique ()
Date: November 24, 2018 07:29PM

Jtprindl and Tai

Thanks for responding to my dehydrator questions. When I tried to respond on that same thread, the site would not allow me ( don't know why) so I had to post on a separate thread. Does anyone else get strange messages like " This computer has detected your thread to be spam." I don't know why a simple response about a dehydrator would be detected as spam. Some glitch in the matrix, I suppose.


Yeah. It is kind of paradoxical how phytic acid can have BOTH effects. I guess it is just a matter of each individual calibrating and observing for oneself what the effects are and adjusting accordingly. Thanks.


I may just try dehydrating the sprouted buckwheats like a cereal. The habanero tomato miso plus herb recipe you mentioned sounds delicious but the habanero
is supremely tongue bitingly hot, is it not? I do like jalapenos though... but the one time I tried habanero... let's just say I never got them ever again lolsmiling smiley

<<To me the ultimate delight is using a japanese mandolin and making paper thin potato chips and sweet potato chips marinaded in lemon juice and drying them. They are potato chips without any cooking. >>

Marinating in lemon juice sounds like an excellent idea. What do you think of also using raw coconut oil or raw olive oil? That would probably make it imperative to do it at 118 instead of 145 due to the fats though, any thoughts?

<<Try making an herbed pate, marinating and stuffing mushrooms and drying them in the dehydrator. see what temperatures work to get it done by dinner.>>

That's a novel idea. I never tried that. That does sound like it would be yummy and it would probably make a nice hors d'oeuvre as well. Maybe a pesto filling would be good.

What do you use to marinade the mushroom and/or zucchini?

Yeah, I did make a lot of flaxseed crackers. It was an interesting experience crunching on flaxseeds in the form of crackers. Texture takes a bit getting used to.

Maybe I'll grind it next time and see if that works just as well. Maybe i'll mix it with sunflower seeds grinded.

<<By forever, do you mean 24 hours? Sometimes, yes. Sometimes, just overnight>>

Yeah, I do mean 24 hours and it even seems like it will take even longer than that as in literally "forever" lolsmiling smiley!

I'm not sure how anyone makes breads unless they want their bread to be the thickness of paper. It took a while to make flaxseed crackers and mine were ( I thought) paper thin so I am not sure how people make anything resembling bread in a dehydrator at 118 .

It seems kind of mysterious. I'm thinking " What dehydrator are THEY using?"

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Re: Response to jtprindl and Tai to the dehydrator question
Posted by: la_veronique ()
Date: November 25, 2018 08:16PM


Thanks for responding to the original thread. I guess the site caught it after all before it flashed the "spam" sign at me lolsmiling smiley

I'll respond in the original thread.

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