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Posted by: Mislu ()
Date: December 01, 2018 01:08PM

Hello anyone with experience making their own sauerkraut? I just learned that sauerkraut has very high levels of vitamin C, especially if made with red cabbage. Also excellent source of enzymes. I started some using some savoy cabbage I bought before I found the article.

So I am excited to start some red cabbage sauerkraut. However, what are your experiences? Is there a a down side of sauerkraut that could be overlooked? I know that the sodium content seems a bit on the high side, especially if eaten in large quantities, but other than that is there any cautions? Thank you for your comments.

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Re: Sauerkraut
Posted by: Tai ()
Date: December 01, 2018 07:09PM

the most enjoyable way of making sauerkraut for me is to make a one-day-old sauerkraut. You grate your veggies and thinly slice your cabbage and other greens like spinach or collards. Make a sauce heavy in miso and with a lot of liquid, like citrus juice. You can add salty things like sun dried tomatoes and raw dehydrated olives. Stir. As you stir over an hour, the liquid comes out. Stir again in the second hour, more liquid comes out. By the end of the day, it is very condensed and you can drain the liquid out and use for the next day with another salad.

I have a German crock and I have made a lot of sauerkraut but I prefer fresh aged-only one day sauerkraut.

Raw Practicalist is really smart. he makes traditional pickled veggies and then juices them and mixes with fresh green juice. that is really smart. I would do that if I had time.

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