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Oldest human
Posted by: fresh ()
Date: January 02, 2019 02:18PM

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Re: Oldest human
Posted by: Tai ()
Date: January 02, 2019 11:33PM

Hi Everyone. happy new year!
For those that didn't read the article: here is the summary: someone from Russia suspects that a woman who lived in France to age 122 was lying about her age and had assumed her mother's identity. Many skeptics cannot accept that a woman lived to 122 so they assume she must be lying and they try to figure out her motives.

My comment is that it would be more interesting if someone from her hometown where she lived and who knew her mother would challenge the claim. Where are the French people who deny her age? how could people just accept that Yvonne claimed to be her mother? One theory for Jeanne's longevity is that she was married to a rich man and never had to work. Then at 90, a lawyer began paying her 2500 francs a month for her apartment. She never had to worry about money. THere was always money to pay for her care. That could explain why she lived so long. Her care was never at the mercy of others because she had a continual income stream.

Interviewed by AFP, French demographer and gerontologist Jean-Marie Robine, who took part in authenticating Calment's age for Guinness World Records, said he "never had any doubt over the authenticity of the documents" of the woman.

He slammed the Russian report, saying it "never examines the facts in favour of the authenticity of the longevity of Madame Calment" and "appears to me to be defamatory against her family."

The mayor of Arles at the time of Calment's death, Michel Vauzelle, said that the Russians' theory was "completely impossible and ridiculous" since Calment was monitored by a number of doctors."

I know a lady who is 98 and her body is so resilient. she eats fried food and sugar and pastries and artificial colors, sweeteners, preservatives, non organic animal products. The only thing she has going for her is that she avoids fat if possible except butter. She doesn't try to eat healthy. Her body would be superwoman if she ate healthy. her body responds right away when she eats a healthy fruit and vegetable meal, which reveals that her health can improve so so much. her genetics are very strong which is how she can live despite her diet. If you ask her secret, she says, "I don't have any. I am just fortunate."

One thing I want to add is that Jeanne was hard of hearing and blind when she died. She smoked 2 cigarettes a day until age 100 something. Smoking is linked to hearing loss. So anyone that says you can get away with bad habits is wrong. Just because some people won't die from the bad habit doesn't mean they won't suffer on some level from it.

I once saw a youtube video of the oldest people. It said 59 of the 61 oldest people were women, so being a woman already is an advantage. Then living in a temperate climate is important. Also living in a first world country is a common factor. Also not being fat/obese/overweight is important too.

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Re: Oldest human
Posted by: fresh ()
Date: January 04, 2019 05:46PM

Imagine living 55 years longer than your spouse.

Just thought it was interesting , doesn't matter too much.

The next oldest is Sarah knauss 119

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Re: Oldest human
Posted by: RawPracticalist ()
Date: January 14, 2019 11:25PM

>Imagine living 55 years longer than your spouse.

Imagine your spouse living 55 years longer than you.

From above, you can send her love and blessings.

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