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Whole Foods Cold-Pressed Juices - Are they raw?
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: January 29, 2019 02:59AM

I recently started buying the Cold-Pressed Juices from Whole Foods to use as a liquid in my green smoothies when I travel when I'm limited in produce and can't juice.

But yesterday I discovered these other juices at my local supermarket - Suja Organic Cold-Pressured Juices - and they're much cheaper and taste real good. But I'm skeptical if they're really raw. On the bottle they say "At Suja, we use cold pressure, also known as High Pressure Processing - HPP - instead of high heat to extend shelf life and to help maintain essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Visit to learn more.

That website wasn't there, but I found this article -

Suja Life raw juices in lawsuit on high pressure processing - HPP


So now Suja is not allowed to call their juices 'raw' on the label like they had previously.

So then I started getting skeptical about the cold-pressed juices I bought at Whole Foods - So I looked them up and this is what I got -

Now Serving Cold-Pressed Raw Juice!


But they say:

"What is Cold-Pressed Raw Juice? This juice is made fresh in our store from our own carefully selected produce, and are comprised entirely of raw fruit and vegetable juice. The juice is cold-pressed and unpasteurized for maximum nutrient content. Our cold-pressed raw juices can be found in our grab-and-go drink case across from the register area.

Why cold-press? Juicers that grind or blend can expose produce to heat and oxygen, compromising nutrient-rich enzymes. Our in-house operation uses a Good Nature juice press that exerts 16.25 tons of hydraulic pressure to extract juice without adding heat."

So when I just read that now about 'the juice press exerting 16.25 tons of hydraulic pressure to extract juice without added heat,' I'm thinking sounds like High-Pressure Processing - HPP. Which might mean that they're Not Raw after all!

(Also, the juices I bought at Whole Foods the other day have a expiration date on them that's a month from now, so if they're really raw, shouldn't they go bad in about a week instead of lasting over a month?)

So - question - does anybody know anything about whether HPP means juices are not Raw and does the statement above mean Whole Foods Juices are not Raw?

Probably nobody will know the answer. I called my local Whole Foods and they didn't know anything. I'm very picky about my raw food being really raw.

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Re: Whole Foods Cold-Pressed Juices - Are they raw?
Posted by: brome ()
Date: January 29, 2019 05:42PM

The high pressure won't harm any of the molecules in the juice. It is a very good way to get the highest quality juice and very efficient. But as soon as anything is juiced, it becomes very perishable. I would prefer my juice to be less than a day old. Their 30 day expiration date is ludicrous and leads me to suspect all their claims.

In my experiments with a crude press I made, I got 0.925 lbs of juice from 1 lbs of carrots. A really good press would get even more.

Good Nature presses


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Re: Whole Foods Cold-Pressed Juices - Are they raw?
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: January 30, 2019 01:42AM

Thanks, brome!

Because when I go to GoodNature and scroll down I see that Suja Juices and Whole Foods Juices both use that Good Nature press which is HPP, high pressure processing. And Suja was sued for putting "Raw" on their label, which they've now stopped doing, so that means that Whole Foods Cold Pressed Juices are not really raw, either. That is a bummer.

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