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13 years raw
Posted by: sodoffsocks ()
Date: August 07, 2019 03:24AM

Hi Raw Fooders,

sorry, I've been terrible about checking in (I said I'd do it once a year).

Anyway, I'm still raw 13 years later. I still love it, although it's so baked ito my daily life I don't notice it.

I mainly eat large salads (kale, arugula, lettuce, bellpepper, avocado), seeds (sunflower, hemp, pumpkin, pine, etc.) and nuts (cashew, walnuts, almonds, etc.), and fruits (apples, oranges, bananas, strawberries, blue berries, kiwis, etc etc), and sometimes sprouts.

The hardest part is balances my raw diet with my families omnivorous diet, although they end up eating lots of raw things too and have raw foods integrated in to each meal, along with there a hot protein serving.

Since my family (two girls 6 & 8, one wife) are away visiting relatives, I've got a little more time to make things I used to normally eat, such as this raw sushi-ish dish:

And I also have more time to post something to! :-)

Other than my usual food, I continue to take a B12 supplement. I've no idea if I really need it (I'm probably eating bugs in my salad, even if I don't want to), but B12 deficiency is so hard to deal with I don't want to find out that I need it...

Anyway, hope you are all doing good.


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Re: 13 years raw
Posted by: sodoffsocks ()
Date: August 07, 2019 03:41AM

Sorry, mis-calculated. 14 years raw (since June 2005).

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Re: 13 years raw
Posted by: RawPracticalist ()
Date: August 08, 2019 01:35PM

Are you sure. I thought it was 15 years.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 08/08/2019 01:36PM by RawPracticalist.

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Re: 13 years raw
Posted by: sodoffsocks ()
Date: August 09, 2019 02:56AM

Hi RawPracticalist!

Heh, not 100% sure, but fairly close to 100% sure it's 14 years, not that it really matters. I'll have to see if I've got some records/hints somewhere.

Anyway, nice to see the forum is still going.


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Re: 13 years raw
Posted by: Prana ()
Date: August 12, 2019 11:35PM

Welcome back Ian, Things are pretty quiet around here.

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Re: 13 years raw
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: August 18, 2019 07:46PM

That's so great, Ian!

Are you 100% raw?

I'd suggest you get tested to see if you're deficient in B-12, D, Omegas. I also get an osteoporosis test, which is always great on all raw; I think because of the raw greens. I was all raw for years, but didn't get tested and so nine years later when I did the tests, I was deficient in B-12, D and Omegas. Wish I had taken some B-12 and D supplementation during all raw, and gotten tests throughout eating all raw, at least if I was aware of the deficiency, I could have eaten foods to counteract the deficiency. Also, the B-12 test may be helpful, because you can take supplements and end up with too high B-12. I did that, too, and my B-12 was like 1200, instead of the range of like 200-300, although I don't know if a too-high B-12 reading is unhealthy.

Anyway, anyone who is a successful raw foodist for years is great in my book.

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