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Posted by: John Rose ()
Date: March 21, 2020 05:53PM

15:25 MM
It’s Upstream and it’s Downstream. We got to get Re-Connected and we got to stop getting Distracted. We got to stop believing in the Bird Flu and the Swine Flu and all of these other Bullshit Flues because we’re getting ready to hit the Big One pretty soon! If we don’t Wake Up like right now, it’s going to happen in a year or two. Mark my word damn it! If we don’t Wake Up, it will happen. 15:46 MM

I really got peeved around the 8:18 MM and used language I very rarely use - see below, but it's better if you watch the video as opposed to just reading it because I was fit to be tied.

Hegelian Problem Reaction Solution
21:42 Minute Video
Published on Jul 24, 2016

In this Video, John Rose takes a closer look at the Hegelian Problem-Reaction-Solution to make sure that we don’t get Tricked and Fooled by the “Powers that Be” and end up being what Lenin called a Useful Idiot!

Per Video Tape JR# M2U00389 - 21:42 made 7-24-16:

Hello, my name is John Rose and in this Video, I’d like to take a closer look at what’s called the Hegelian Problem-Reaction-Solution and this is extremely important for all of us to understand so we can make some sense out of all of the Bullshit that’s been Bombarded in our Brains. It’s so hard to make sense out of so many things because we have too many References that Support Bullshit! We’ve been Bombarded in our Brains with Bullshit and if you understand this Hegelian Problem-Reaction-Solution, you can understand how we’re being Duped - how we’re being Tricked - how we’re being Fooled - how we’re being Bamboozled into believing Bullshit so we can be Controlled on levels most of us just don’t understand yet.

So let’s take a quick look at this Problem-Reaction-Solution to make sure we don’t end up as Useful Idiots as Lenin would say - people who helped him on his cause. Well, we can use this term to apply to all of us whenever we don’t understand what’s really going on and we Support Bullshit! A lot of us are Supporting Bullshit and we think we’re in the right, but it’s Bullshit and you got to understand this Problem-Reaction-Solution to see through the Bullshit.

So what is that all about?

Well, the people who Rule the World know that they got to convince us to do what they want us to do, so what they do is they create a Problem - they create Chaos. Remember, Psychopaths swim in Chaos. The Rulers of the World are Psychopaths, so they create Chaos - they create a Problem and then, they want us to React in the way we do best - FEAR! AHHH!!! If we’re Scared, then we go begging to them - please give us a Solution. If we believe the Bullshit about the Bird Flu or the Swine Flu or Ebola or SARS or any of that other Bullshit, then we’re going to be saying, please give us a Vaccine instead of saying, WHAT THE F-U-C-K IS IN THIS VACCINE? WHY ARE YOU POISONING US WITH VACCINES? We’re going, GIVE US THE VACCINES!

Do you see how easy you’re Tricked and Fooled?

2:08 MM
Most of us are Sheep - we have No idea how we’re being led right into the Slaughter House.

2:13 MM
My friends, last century 262 Million people were Murdered by Government during Peace time. Democide - Google that. The University of Hawaii pushed the pencil to it - 262 Million people Murdered during Peace time by the Governments and how are they going to do it this time around?

Well, History Repeats Itself and we’re due for another “Pandemic”!

What do you think the Bird Flu is and the Swine Flu and the Ebola and all of the SARS and all of this other BULLSHIT IS!?!?!?!

They’re Brainwashing you putting more References in your brain to make you believe in Bullshit Viruses. It’s all Freaking BULLSHIT, man, and you can’t understand that until you understand the Problem-Reaction-Solution. You got to get into the brain of these Psychopaths to figure out what they’re doing to us so we don’t get screwed! It’s not Complicated once you see what they’re doing because they’re very Predictable. They’ve done it over and over and over again.

Do some research and you’re going to find out more about False Flags. 3:13 MM

…Fabian Society…

4:13 MM
So they are always testing us to see what they can get away with and they’re getting away with more and more and more.

4:18 MM
Let’s take a look at some of the things they’ve done and they’ve gotten away with and we haven’t Woke Up to - most of us. 4:22 MM

5:36 MM
…but the city of San Angelo thought it was the Viruses and Bacteria they went out and bought 2 DDT Fogging Machines and they bathed their city in it and they had 1 out of 124 people come down with Polio.

Polio is simply - we’re being Poisoned with DDT and the point about this is when you do your research, you’re going to find out that they, they, they did this on purpose. They figured out what it took to Paralyze the Monkey and how to interrupt that. Here we got the Problem - we got the Solution - we got the Vaccine. Don’t you see?


Give then the DDT! Oh, it’s a Virus!

YOU STUPID FOOLS!!! When are you going to Wake Up and stop accepting this Virus Bullshit?

We’ve been Bombarded with this Bullshit all the time and we can’t get out of it because we have too many References. 6:25 MM

7:28 MM
The Rulers of the World are Masters of Mis-Direction - they’re Mis-Directing our so-called Experts and I have a theory that everyone that goes into Infectious Diseases I think they have to pass an IQ Test where you got to be below a certain level because these guys have got to be some of the dumbest idiots in the world to believe in this Bullshit! You’re real good at remembering Information, but you can’t Connect any Dots together - you can’t even think - you don’t have the Ability for Critical Thinking. And this is all by design also. I pointed this out in my Video on Education. The way the System is designed - it rewards those who have a Good Memory - not people who are smart and know how to Solve Problems, but who have Good Memories and then, they know those types of people will go into positions that require a lot of training, like lawyers and doctors, and they don’t question authority. This is by design!

Again, we’re Manipulated on Levels most of us don’t understand.

8:18 MM


Hallelujah, now I’m Branded for life!

YOU MOTHER F-U-C-K-E-R-S!!! [flipping the bird]

Gawd, I get Pissed Off because I know how you F-u-c-k-e-r-s work and think. You guys never think about this. The people who Rule the World have so much Money - it isn’t about Money - it’s about making sure we don’t have the Money. They’ve got so much Money we can’t even wrap our brains around it.

We’re like cattle and sheep to them. When they give us Vaccines, we’re scarred for life. That’s being BRANDED!!! WAKE UP - WE’RE BEING BRANDED!!! We’re SHEEP! The people who Ruler of the World are laughing at us - Controlling and Manipulating us! 8:52 MM

8:52 MM
They’ve got so much Money we can’t wrap our brains around how much they’ve got. Take a Million Dollars and a Trillion Dollars - how can you relate to those 2? We can’t. A Million Seconds - a little over 11 and half days. A Trillion Seconds - almost 32,000 years! If you’ve got 500 Trillion of these guys, you’ve got 16 Million years! That’s what the Rulers of the World have! They’ve got like 16 Million years and when we look at how many people have a Million - 11 and half days, there may be like 15 Million of those - about 1,800 Billionaires.

So look at the ratio - there’s about 200 Families that have all the Wealth. They have so much Wealth - we can’t even wrap our brain around it. To them it’s like a little Monopoly Game.

Again, I know how to be their Accountant. I know how to look at their Balance Sheet. I know how to look at the World Balance Sheet. I know how their little brains are thinking and Controlling us and BRANDING us - Scarring us for Life - Poisoning us - laughing the whole time and all of their Accumulated Wealth is their Version of Slavery to us because we’re Enslaved. Don’t you see? This is how they think. I know this is how they think - I put my brain in theirs and it isn’t hard to figure out how they think. They’re Predictable! They’re Sick! They have No Empathy. All they care about is Enslaving us keeping us where we are and that’s what we are - we’re Slaves to them. 10:05 MM

10:05 MM
So when you’ve got 500 Trillion Dollars and the guy next to you only has 200 Trillion, it’s like I’ve had, you know, 2 and half times as many Slaves as you’ve had.

Think of it this way - think of the World as a Construction Company you’ve got a lot of Raw Materials and a lot of Labor. Every year we build things - build things - build things - we Accumulate Wealth - Retained Earnings - Accumulated Wealth and what we don’t understand is that over the Millennium that so much Wealth has been Accumulated we can’t comprehend how much they have.

And so it isn’t about making the Money - it’s not - when people think it’s about Money - it’s all about Control - they want to make sure we don’t have the Money. It’s a form of Feudalism - “Neo- Feudalism”! 10:47 MM

…Jane Burgermeister…

11:47 MM
My God people, we’ve got to Wake Up and realize how the Problem-Reaction-Solution works on many levels. Think about it this way - we got to make sure they don’t have any Money. Well, let me think, we already got them with the Food, the Housing, the Taxes, oh yea, the Power to Tax is the Power to Control - think about that one or the Power to Destroy. And then they say, what else can we get on them? Well, how about the Water? Yea, we can get them on the Water. How about the Air? Oh, we can’t Tax them on the Air, but how about the Air they breathe out?

Let’s Tax them on the Carbon! HAHA! Those Fools they’ll Buy Carbon Taxes. Let’s make up Man-made Global Warming!

Man, I’m telling you…

PROBLEM - Global Crises

SOLUTION - Global Carbon Taxes

The Power to Tax is the Power to Destroy to Control to Manipulate to keep us Poor to keep us Controlled.

WE GOT TO WAKE UP!!! We’re the Giants on this planet! We got to Destroy this small group of people and put them in their place. And when I say Destroy, I just mean get rid of them - get them out of existence. I don’t mean torture them and lock them up and punish them like they’re doing to us. That’s Not a Solution - I don’t believe that’s the Solution to anything. We just got to get Re-Connected.

There’s a simple Solution to all of these things I’m saying and we got to Wake Up and realize that we Live on an Abundant Planet. These people want us to believe in Scarcity. They create these Crises - Problem-Reaction-Solution.

Do you think the Great Depression happened by accident?

Why was it that Germany and Japan were so prosperous?

They Proved to the World, both Germany and Japan, that we Live on an Abundant Planet when you don’t let these bastards siphon off all of the Profits and redistribute them amongst the people. That’s what happened to Germany and Japan and look at your stupid Belief System - Bombarded with Bullshit and you think Germany and Japan is the Bad guy - you think - you believe Hitler was Bad and the Holocaust is True.

Lie - Lie - Lie - Lie - Lie!!! It’s all LIES - you can’t trust any part of your Belief System. Do some research with an Open Mind and it’s going to blow your mind! It only takes 5 minutes of… 13:51 MM

15:25 MM
It’s Upstream and it’s Downstream. We got to get Re-Connected and we got to stop getting Distracted. We got to stop believing in the Bird Flu and the Swine Flu and all of these other Bullshit Flues because we’re getting ready to hit the Big One pretty soon! If we don’t Wake Up like right now, it’s going to happen in a year or two. Mark my word damn it! If we don’t Wake Up, it will happen. 15:46 MM

20:00 MM

[End of M2U00389]

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Posted by: fresh ()
Date: March 27, 2020 11:45PM

Well you predicted it all right

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