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Excellent exposure of the psyop
Posted by: fresh ()
Date: April 21, 2020 06:31PM

First an analysis of new york data

42 people without one of the defined underlying conditions died.
5,891 with one or more did. (Review of the rest hasn’t been completed yet.)
That’s 0.71% of those with confirmed cases, which means you’re symptomatic enough to get tested.
Now add at least half that for the asymptomatics and probably a lot more based on multiple seropositive surveys — not just the one run by Stanford but in many other locations as well!

In addition we know only 12%, approximately, of those symptomatic enough to get tested require hospitalization in the first place. So based on the initial numbers there is a RISK OF DYING OF 0.36% but when you look at the study data (See the Santa Clara Study here: []) you realize have to divide .36% by FIFTY TO EIGHTY-FIVE. So the risk of dying from “THE VIRUS” is only between 0.0072% and 0.0043%!!!!! In other words about the same risk of something deadly happening to you going to get the mail from your mailbox! OR statistically ZERO as I assert in my email to Gov. Newsom and The President.

Two things that the Santa Clara study also make clear is that up to 85% of the population has antibodies to this thing and it is NOT a new virus but has been in and around us for a while now.

We'll look here I'm not the only one

April 21, 2020 at 1:31 pm
They’re SLAUGHTERING elders in hospital using antiviral drugs and ventilation.
This needs to stop.

And finally this excellent detailed exposure of the fraud at all levels

This is pdf download


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Re: Excellent exposure of the psyop
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: April 21, 2020 07:54PM

Thanks, I read it. Yes, I agree with just about everything there, although I don't think he mentioned the Nursing Home Scandal/Scam 'they' are running. Scandal of purposefully killing off the old people and scam of using nursing homes to actually make more people die to raise the death count. That's an atrocity!

My favorite part was at the end:

Miles: good data analysis there, proving this coronahoax is manufactured from the
ground up. What I would like to see next from a guest writer is an analysis of the
financial side of this
, looking closely at the Gates Foundation, Blackrock, the fake
stimulus package
, and huge loans being forced on all of us right now, via the Fed
raising the debt ceiling by an awesome amount. I think this is the biggest treasury
theft in the history of the world, though that side of it is getting little attention.
are sending you a check for $1200 while picking your pocket for 50 times that. Or is
it a hundred? Or is it five hundred? Only time will tell.

About every ten years now they come back with an even more colossal scam. It
started with 911, the greatest theft and scam of all time up to that point. Then we had
the bailouts, which were an even bigger theft from the treasury.
Since the American
people did absolutely nothing about either theft, the thieves returned for a third time
this year, and they will keep coming back until they are stopped. I guarantee you the
next theft will be even larger. This is how it works. They will keep robbing you until
there is literally nothing left to take.
You won't be left alone until you are living in a
cave sucking on cold potatoes.

It's just totally taboo or insensitive or not politically correct for anyone to talk about what this Scam is costing US, the taxpayers, and killing the Economy and America.

I was wondering the other day if 'they' are doing this to us for purely financial reasons, like to usher in the New Monetary System, The Cashless Society, the Modern Monetary Theory (which I haven't checked out what it is yet, but it's probably just printing loads of money or that money is meaningless and just keep on spending and buying and moving stuff around the world, and it all evens itself out, maybe.)

(AOC is a believer in the Modern Monetary Theory to pay for her Green New Deal)

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