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Dr. Andrew Kaufman: A Discussion with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and Marcy Cravat
Posted by: John Rose ()
Date: May 08, 2020 12:45PM

A Discussion with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and Marcy Cravat
1:53:53 Minute Video

•May 7, 2020
Andrew Kaufman
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Dr. Sherri Tenpenny & Dr. Andrew Kaufman sit down with award winning film maker/documentarian Marcy Cravat for a discussion. This is the first time these two very outspoken doctors ever got together for a chat. It's just as mind blowing as you would expect! Marcy does a great job asking the relevant questions that are on everyone's mind as well as a few questions that might surprise you. Brandon Smith does the intro and outro. Buckle up and grab your notebook! Check the links below for more content on these subjects.

JR’s Notes:

21:03 MM
Dr. Andrew Kaufman: So since there are all those Sources of Genetic Material, the way that they prepare the Sample is they just took that Lung Fluid, they didn’t do any Purification Steps, but they mixed it with an Enzyme to Dissolve the Membrane, so anything inside of a Cell Membrane would be released into the Solution and they could measure it. And then, they simply had various probes and did Genetic Essays, including PCR and they found a Sequence and then, they Sequenced that. And what they did to say that it was a Coronavirus was they compared the Sequence to a Sequence of SARS-CoV-1 - that other first SARS Virus from 2003. And by the way, that was actually found out by the same exact procedure.

21:52 MM
Dr. Andrew Kaufman: So in order to determine that these 2 were related, they said that there was 79.6% Sequence Identify between the 2 samples. But just for a frame of reference between Humans and Chimpanzees there’s 96% Sequence Identify. So in other words, we’re more closely related to Chimpanzees than these 2 Sequences are related to each other and it’s even more pronounced than that because these Sequences only have a few tens of thousands of base pairs, whereas, you know, the amount of base pairs in the Human Genomes is orders of magnitude higher. So we’re talking about 2 Sequences that really you can’t even say they’re related and then, further you don’t even know what the Source of the RNA was. So developing a Test for that RNA you have no idea what you’re Testing for even if the Test is 100% accurate. 22:47 MM


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Re: Dr. Andrew Kaufman: A Discussion with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and Marcy Cravat
Posted by: fresh ()
Date: May 08, 2020 02:53PM

Good one

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