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Yes, Bryan Adams apologies for Instagram comments
Posted by: Horsea ()
Date: May 12, 2020 06:19PM


Excerpt from his comments:

"Tonight was supposed to be the beginning of a tenancy of gigs at the @royalalberthall, but thanks to some f--king bat eating, wet market animal selling, virus making greedy bastards, the whole world is now on hold," the post read.

"My message to them other than 'thanks a f--king lot' is go vegan."

But on Tuesday morning, the singer issued an apology on Instagram "to any and all that took offence" to his post. He said he just wanted to rant about "animal cruelty in the wet-markets being the possible source of the virus, and promote veganism."

"I have love for all people and my thoughts are with everyone dealing with this pandemic around the world," he wrote in the post.

Oh, puke...
OF COURSE he backed off. They always do. Too much at stake.

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Re: Yes, Bryan Adams apologies for Instagram comments
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: May 12, 2020 07:51PM

We see it all the time, apologizing is a mistake because then they go after you and say it's too late, you said it. There's no pleasing The Mob. Better to just own it.

I get the impression that Canada's worse than we are here. Like with the Political Correctness. 'Racist' 'Racist' 'Racist'

From the article:

"Amy Go, president of the Chinese Canadian National Council for Social Justice called the post racist and believes it could stoke hatred of Chinese-Canadians.

"People look up to public figures. He is seen as an idol by many," Go said. "It justifies this racist hatred against Chinese … This is so irresponsible and just so, so, so, so racist."

As the coronavirus pandemic has spread, many have raised concerns about growing anti-Asian and anti-Chinese racism in Canada, with reports of anti-Asian hate crimes on the rise in Vancouver, including physical and verbal attacks."[/b]

Why do they even have a "Chinese Canadian National Council for Social Justice"? So they can search everywhere looking for 'hate' and if they can't find it, they can twist and spin and lie to create it an perpetuate the concept.

Maybe if everything and all institutions collapse, all this crap will go away. But it's coming from the same group, so it would just get worse. They'll be controlling everything we say and do and even what we think. Can't wait for that. eye popping smiley

And I love how 'they're' all parroting the Lib Narrative that there's more 'Racism' because of Coronavirus.

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Re: Yes, Bryan Adams apologies for Instagram comments
Posted by: fresh ()
Date: May 12, 2020 08:03PM

Just in case you're not sure

It was

So so so so racist

Bunch of namby-pamby self absorbed shaming crybabies

New idea for humans

Don't tell others what to do or say.

There's a novel viral idea for ya

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 05/12/2020 08:05PM by fresh.

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