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Mutations help vaccines!
Posted by: fresh ()
Date: July 29, 2020 12:49AM

Mutation may have made virus more vulnerable to vaccines

A genetic mutation that made the new coronavirus more infectious may also make it more vulnerable to vaccines, researchers believe. The mutation, designated D614G, increases the number of "spikes" on the surface of the virus and makes them more stable, allowing the virus to more efficiently break into and infect cells. The mutation will not pose problems for vaccines now in clinical trials, however, because the extra spikes retain the targets for the "neutralizing antibodies" the vaccines are designed to induce. Those targets, called receptor-binding domains, or RBDs, are the places where the spike attaches itself to the cells it infects. With more spikes, there are more RBDs for the antibodies to bind to in order to neutralize the virus. "The gain in infectivity provided by D614G came at the cost of making the virus more vulnerable to neutralizing antibodies," the researchers wrote in a paper posted on medRxiv on Friday ahead of peer review

Wow that's a huge load of elephant @#$%&. How convenient for them!! Mutations are good! Classic.

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